Tyler Perry’s ZATIMA on BET + Season 2

Episode #NameSynopsisAir DateVideo Breakdown
1“Basic Instinct”Zac and Fatima disagree about how often to be intimate, while dealing with fallout of the hot tub incident with Deja.
2"Guilt Trip"Fatima makes an indecent proposal to Zac which gives him pause. Tensions and old family drama run high as Zac visits his mother.
3“Close Quarters”Angela offers Fatima sound advice concerning her love life, but Fatima may not be ready to receive it. Zac’s introduction to Paul doesn’t go as expected.
4“Temperature Rising”An embarrassing video of Zac is posted online after a confrontation with Fatima and a friend. Fatima grapples with telling her mother about Zac and their relationship.
5“Not What You Think”Tensions ride high as Zac and Fatima deal with trust issues. Zac must ward off an insistent Deja.
6“Too Close For Comfort”Bryce confronts Angela about ghosting him, and insists he doesn’t know why. Nathan and Tony are shocked when they find a dating profile for Fatima.
7“Mind Over Matter”Zac’s wavering faith in his relationship with Fatima leads him to unsolicited advice from a much more seasoned person. Fatima deceives Zac in an effort to help him.
8“Suspicious Minds”Zac’s suspicions of Fatima makes him question Nathan’s involvement with Fatima’s dating app profile. Deja tells Zac that’s she is going to sue Fatima.
9“The Dinner Diagnosis”Zac is tricked into a dinner intervention by Fatima, and some ugly truths are revealed. Bryce admits to Angela that she’s his big girl fetish and that he has some other acquired tastes as well.
10“The Good With The Bad”Zac’s childhood trauma causes new issues in his relationship with Fatima. Fatima’s parents meet Zac for the first time and it’s a disaster.
11“Out Of Love”Zac and Fatima deal with the fall out after their huge fight. Bryce tries to patch things up with Zac.
12“Risky Business”Zac tries to make things right with Fatima. Though she misses Zac, Fatima has other prospects in mind.
13“Never Too Late”Zac does everything he can to make things right with Fatima, but it may not be enough to win her back. Gladys and Jeremiah show their true colors at a very vulnerable time for Zac.
14“Redemption”Zac puts his plan to get Fatima back into action, while Angela reconsiders some of her own actions concerning Bryce.
15“Moments Of Clarity”Zac realizes therapy is actually helping him and his quest to win Fatima back. Fatima is shocked by news concerning Deja.
16“A Gamble At Love”Zac and Fatima get relationship advice from an unlikely source. Fatima sets a plan in motion to discredit Deja.
17“Energy Shift”Zac gets some devastating news as Fatima debates getting back with him. Belinda confronts Nathan about being too open and honest.
18“Pride To The Side”Zac deals with a family emergency as Fatima debates being there to support him. Bryce gets shocking news about the business and tries to warn Zac.
19“Dear Mama”Zac and Jeremiah are at odds concerning their mother, Gladys. In a moment of clarity, Nathan

apologizes to Fatima.
20“The Ugly Truth”Zac and Fatima attempt to convince Jeremiah to accept their help while he has a clear mind. Bryce gets to the bottom of the company’s money woes.