Tyler Perry’s Sistas Season 7 Schedule, Synopsis & More Info

Ep #NameSynopsisAir DateVideo Breakdown
1“New Beginnings”New romances and old tensions collide as we check in on the lives of Andi, Karen, Danni, Sabrina, and Fatima three months later.January 3, 2024WATCH HERE
2“Drunk in Love”The Sista’s first boozy brunch with Fatima opens the door to new perspectives, salacious topics, and everyone’s take on Karen’s pregnancy. Gary goes from blaming Penelope for his creep-like behavior to January 10, 2024
3“Grand Openings and Closings”Karen’s grand opening is full of surprises. Andi feels the pressure at work as her dealings with Gary may end her career.January 17, 2024
4“Death Becomes Them”Andi and Sabrina find themselves having to compete with workplace rivals; Danni betrays Karen in favor of Zac and Fatima.January 24, 2024
5“Hanging in the Balance”Danni is apprehensive about returning to counseling until she reveals past trauma that could be the reason for her present choices.January 31, 2024
6“Pretty Hurts”The ladies talk about their life in their thirties, while Fatima keeps a secret from Zac. Meanwhile, Gary tests the waters with Tamara.February 7, 2024
7“It’s Giving Scandal”Just when things seem to be perfect between Andi and Jordan, a damaging story about Jordan’s past surfaces that not only impacts his campaign but his relationship with Andi.February 14, 2024
8“Pens and Needles”Karen and Zac’s DNA test reveals more than they expected; Andi is surprised by a new big client and learns shocking information about a man in her life; Danni and Sabrina try to turn back the hands of time.February 21, 2024
9“Threes a CrowdKaren shares unexpected news that makes Zac happy but causes a totally different reaction from Fatima. Meanwhile, one of Gary’s plans to sabotage Andi backfires.February 28, 2024