Hulu Renews ‘Woke’ for a Season 2

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Hulu Renews ‘Woke’

Hulu Renews ‘Woke’the hit comedy that premiered this fall. On November 17th, Variety verified that Hulu is bringing back the critically acclaimed show for another eight episodes. The season 2 premiere date has not yet been announced but, nonetheless, fans are ecstatic.


The show is a comedy series co- created by Keith Knight and Marshall Todd. It follows the main character, Keef Knight, played by actor Lamorne Morris, through his career as an up and coming Black Cartoonist in San Francisco.

Keef creates the comic series “toast and butter” which propels him into mainstream success. He prides himself on keeping the premise of his content “light” stating his desire to keep away from controversial topics.

However, the plot shifts when he is wrongfully accused of being a mugger and is aggressively attacked by police. After that traumatic incident, Keef begins hallucinating and having conversations with the inanimate objects in his environment. Throughout the duration of the season, these comic-like objects help advise and navigate Keef through his career journey and relationships.

The series incorporates live action and animated elements that help bring the comedy and drama to life.


This show approaches intricate and significant real-world issues in a very creative way. Topics such as racial profiling, police brutality, systemic racism, and microaggressions are represented in the series.

Through the conversations Keef has with the life-like objects around him and experiences he endures, we as an audience are able to get a glimpse of his complex reality. We get to witness some of the frustrations he encounters and the cognitive dissonance he feels navigating the world through the lens of a successful Black man.

He is forced to acknowledge his inner struggle between placating peace and advocating for social justice. While in the beginning he attempts to remain non-partisan, articulating the desire to separate his racial identity from his work, he starts to realize the intersectionality of his identity and how it affects every aspect of his life.

The show presents an incredibly diverse cast, as well as a diverse production team. The show features actors like, Sam Richardson’s character Toast who represents the devil on Keef’s shoulder, persuading him to ignore the “woke” version of himself. Tony Hale who plays Butter, is the comedic relief cartoon that urges Keef to remain neutral with his artwork. 

The shows intricate ability to discuss the inter-complexities of racial identity in a comedic and creative way highlights the overall importance of the difficult conversations that need to be had.

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