‘Just Another Girl on the MTA’- Gossip Girl: Season 1 Episode 1 Breakdown

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We’ve got our first episode of Gossip Girl and it is packed with DRAMA! With a new cast of characters to meet, who knows what they’ve got in store for us. Here is our Gossip Girl Episode 1 Breakdown.

We’re introduced to the new elites at Constance Billard, led by Julien Calloway. Julien has a mystery half-sister that is transferring to the school, and she claims to have never met her! We later find out this character is Zoya Lott, and that the two have been chatting for about 2 years. In fact, it was Julien’s idea for Zoya to transfer.

It wouldn’t be high school without the faculty. These teachers need some SERIOUS help! They’re completely terrified of their students, and they’ve basically lost all hope.  Luckily, a woman named Rebecca Sherman (ORIGINAL SERIES REFERENCE ALERT) tells them about an old blog that used to expose the school’s secrets; Gossip Girl. A group of the vocal teachers band together to create a Gossip Girl account of their own. They claim it is to make the students better versions of themselves, but I don’t buy that. Katie Keller (the English teacher) is going to take the lead as the writer.

Back with Julien, she has invited Zoya to hang with her squad! While they’re all at the Dumbo Club, Gossip Girl posts that Julien cheated the scholarship system to help Zoya go to Constance Billard. On their way home, Obie (Julien’s boyfriend) and Zoya walk home together and get caught in the rain. Obie tells Zoya he misses the old Julien, and Zoya assures him she’s still in there. While at Obie’s house, the two take off their wet clothes in front of an open window. This gives the grown adult man running the Gossip Girl page the chance to take photos. These are later posted onto Instagram. I’ve gotta say, if this is how the teachers are going to go about things, I won’t be taking their side anytime soon!

Back at school, Zoya and Obie are shamed for “sleeping together,” even though it didn’t even happen!  Julien assures Zoya that everything is fine, but she is somehow losing followers because of this! Her plan to regain these followers is to stage a scene at the Fashion Show! At the fashion show, Monet and Luna get Zoya kicked out of the show.  As Zoya is being escorted away, she and Julien share a look that implies that Julien has bested her.  Outside, Zoya tells off Julien, and the two begin their rivalry.

Want the full commentary breakdown of Gossip Girl Episode 1? Watch Here:

If you’re watching Gossip Girl, let us know what you think of this first episode! We’ll be back to deliver you breakdowns of each and every episode! And if you like Gossip Girl, you should check out our coverage of Grown-ish.

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