The Family Business Season 5 Schedule & Synopsis

Episode TitleEpisode #Episode SynopsisEpisode Air DateEricaVainTV Review
"The Aftermath"1The Duncan's try to put the pieces of their fractured family back together after Uncle Larry's rampage and Junior's revelation, and Vegas' release from prison comes with a heavy price.July 4, 2024Watch the Review
"Desperate Times, Desperate Measures"2LC goes to desperate lengths to protect his son Vegas and keep secrets of the past from boiling over, Mariah shares a secret fear with Nevada, and Orlando has a heart-to-heart with Junior. July 4, 2024
"Special Delivery"3Paris reveals the truth about her past with Niles and recruits Curtis to solve the blue roses mystery, Donna meets an unexpected ally, and Roman takes drastic action to save his mom. July 11, 2024
"Reminisce"4In a blast from the past, Chippy and Donna separately reminisce over their long-ago doomed love triangle with LC, which caused the heated friction that still persists. July 18, 2024
"Choices and Consequences"5The walls are closing in on the Duncans as choices they've made in the past begin to haunt them; decisions they make in the present could have crushing consequences as Donna and Junior form an alliance with an unlikely cohort. July 25, 2024
"Crossing Boundaries"6The marching orders given to Donna have Junior on edge; Vincent and Ruby find a safe haven in the Big Easy; realizing Mariah needs help, the family decides to prioritize her mental health. August 1, 2024
"TBA"7"TBA"August 8, 2024
"TBA"8"TBA"August 15, 2024
"TBA"9"TBA"August 22, 2024
"TBA"10"TBA"August 29, 2024