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“F^¢K ’€M R!GHT B@¢K” Sundance 2022 Short Film Review

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A queer Black aspiring Baltimore rapper must outwit his vengeful day-job boss in order to avoid getting fired after accidentally eating an edible.

If you are confused “F^¢K ’€M R!GHT B@¢K” means “Fuck Em Right Back”
“F^¢K ’€M R!GHT B@¢K” Scene

The Review

Sammy, a queer Baltimore rapper, fights to keep his job after a random twist with a chocolate hottie that laced a scrumptious cake with weed leads him to almost lose his job while trying to avoid a drug test at work. I love the premise in this short with the protagonist trying to balance maintaining their livelihood while also pursuing a dream.

It’s expensive to be broke

Sammy – F^¢K ’€M R!GHT B@¢K

The nuance and uber real dialogue punctuates the plot beautifully and adds layers onto the colorful and sometime retro visuals and really helps build the humor into this comedy.

“Fuck Em Right” Sundance 2022

Yolanda, the only thing left to come out my ass is my ass

Sammy – F^¢K ’€M R!GHT B@¢K

Being from Baltimore myself, I must say it was very refreshing to hear Sammy speak with a clear and distinct Baldamore (if you know you know) accent and lean into sayings and phrases that an up and coming rapper, hell even just a regular person, walking the streets of Baltimore would say. “F^¢K ’€M R!GHT B@¢K” is a must see at Sundance 2022.

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