Sistas Season 6 Schedule & Synopsis

Episode #NameSynopsisAir DateVideo Breakdown
1Straight No ChaserDanni wallows in self-pity until an encounter with Preston threatens to send her off the deep end.May 31, 2023

2Full Circle Moments

Preston shows up for Danni when she needs him the most, but it doesn't seem to extinguish her anger toward him; Fatima sets Tamara straight about compensation for the role she's been tapped to play.Jun 7, 2023WATCH HERE
3Fanning the FlamesHayden makes Tamara an offer she can't refuse, but it could change her mission; shocking news evokes a reaction from Zac that Fatima isn't ready for.Jun 14, 2023WATCH HERE
4Face the FireAs the girls try to learn more about Karen's whereabouts, the reality of losing a friend begins to sink in; Zac and Fatima face a struggle about his devotion.Jun 21, 2023WATCH HERE
5Better Safe Than Sorry

Karen's whereabouts are discovered; Fatima is disturbed by Zac's concern; Andi and Gary share a moment of complete honesty about where their current relationship status is.Jun 28, 2023WATCH HERE
6Mending FencesFatima and Zac's relationship is pushed to the limits as Karen's feelings for him start to increase; Gary tries to help Hayden out of an unexpected arrangement; Sabrina and Maurice meet with a lawyer.July 5, 2023WATCH HERE
7Ordinary PainAfter catching Zac off guard, Fatima questions the status of their relationship; Sabrina devises a strategy to remove Que once and for all.July 12, 2023WATCH HERE
8 Uneven Playing FieldAs Hayden and Tamara's relationship grows stronger, Gary still isn't sure about her true intentions; Maurice continues his pursuit to get Que to confess the truth.July 19, 2023WATCH HERE
9 True Colors
Karen gives Andi an ultimatum after a run-in with Fatima; Maurice makes a rash decision in an effort to help Sabrina, but it could backfire, landing them both in more trouble.
July 26, 2023WATCH HERE
10The AftermathMaurice is willing to risk everything to save a friend, as Danni may have made a terrible mistake with Preston; Zac puts his relationship at risk in an effort to assist Karen.
Aug 2, 2023WATCH HERE
11No Turning BackAs tension between Karen and Fatima continues to rise, their dispute goes beyond the point of no return; despite Calvin's advice, Maurice decides to meet with the police.Aug 09, 2023WATCH HERE
12DaydreamsGary gives Hayden a stern warning to be careful with Tamara's mysterious motives; Sabrina learns that Bayo's help with her and Maurice's legal situation has strings attached.Oct 18, 2023WATCH HERE
13Truth Is
Karen is aware of the paternity outcome, and the women support her; Que's lies catch up to him, as Zac and Fatima make a sad discovery about his son.
Oct 25, 2023WATCH HERE
14Something New
Andi, Sabrina, and Danni have dream dates that seem almost too good to be true; Fatima and Zac make a quick decision for the safety of Michael.
Nov 01, 2023 Released After Episode Premiere
15 Too Close To HomeAfter spending time with Michael, Zac learns he must do whatever it takes to get custody of his son; Preston and Danni continue to not see eye to eye.
Nov 08, 2023 Released After Episode Premiere
16Relentless PursuitAs Zac and Fatima struggle with the fallout of custodial care, Sabrina and Maurice discover their fate; Karen realizes that the studio damage may lose her, her livelihood.Nov 15, 2023 Released After Episode Premiere
17Taste Of FreedomDanni avoids a difficult conversation with Preston; Andi, Danni, and Sabrina's triple date at Jordan's takes an unexpected turn.Nov 22, 2023 Released After Episode Premiere
18From the BlindsideWhen Jordan's sister Penelope shows up, Gary and Andi are both put in an uncomfortable situation; with doubts about his son's safety, Zac and Fatima try to track down Heather's whereabouts.Nov 29, 2023 Released After Episode Premiere
19Dear KarmaAndi dwells on her past with Gary, while Zac and Fatima receive disturbing news about his son; Maurice is drawn to a new, charming man.Dec 06, 2023 Released After Episode Premiere
20The Last LaughKaren reconsiders a new direction for her shop while Zac and Fatima prepare for unfortunate news about his son; Sabrina is determined to reclaim her life.Dec 13, 2023 Released After Episode Premiere
21Lose to WinAs Gary's misdeeds collide, Sabrina's good news will have a negative effect on Maurice; Hayden confronts Fatima concerning Tamara; Michael's fate is revealed to Zac and Fatima, as Karen makes a life-altering ...Dec 20, 2023 Released After Episode Premiere
22Beautiful LiesAfter Andi, Fatima and Penelope confront Gary, his true intentions are revealed; Danni deals with Preston's big news; Zac and Fatima try to work things out to get custody of Michael.Dec 27, 2023 Released After Episode Premiere