“May 19, 2020”- Queen Sugar: Season 5, Episode 5 Breakdown

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We are on a roll opening up each episode on Ralph Angel and Darla… They are planning their wedding and they just make me so happy. This episode is literally the wedding episode with all the focus on it, but a few other notables happened so let’s talk about it!

Queen Sugar: Season 5, Episode 5 Breakdown

Aunt Vi and Hollywood may have the purest unconditional love on TV. Watching Vi comfort Hollywood over the phone about his mother’s death was truly breathtaking and awe-inspiring. I love the way they love each other. I love love!

Nova is struggling this episode with the path she went down previously as they prepare for Ralph Angel and Darla’s wedding. At least she is remorseful for some of the turmoil she brought into these love birds’ lives. 

Shout out to Charley for coming through with the surprise bridal shower and bachelorette party. They are truly embracing Darla and celebrating their love, and we love to see it!

I feel like I say this every episode but I am soooooo proud of Ralph Angel. The way he shows up for Hollywood on his wedding day is absolutely beautiful. He makes time to share a moment after Hollywood’s loss and if there’s one thing Queen Sugar is always gonna give us it’s the imagery of Black Men showing up for and loving on one another… It’s truly magical. 

Now back to the wedding. Darla looked absolutely stunning. There is so much time dedicated to the wedding and the reception in this episode and I cannot help to think about this as the calm before the storm. Everything is just so beautiful, peaceful, and filled with love. 

As you guys know, the episodes are titled after either parts of a month or actual dates, and this one is “May 19, 2020” which is about a week or so before the day that George Floyd lost his life. Next week’s episode is “May 27, 2020” so we will be seeing the George Floyd murder come on to the screen and enter into the Queen sugar storyline. So I 100% get why this episode was so lighthearted, so filled with love, and just so beautiful and inspiring, because we have to prepare ourselves for the subject matter that comes next. 


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