13 New Characters Coming to ZATIMA Season 3

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Episode 305 | “Game Changer”


late 30s-40’s, open ethnicity. he is a funeral director who meets with Zac and Fatima about choosing a casket for Zac’s mother. More like a used car salesman, this guy is all about the pitch, clearly looking to make a pricey sale. He’s strangely unconcerned when approached earlier about negotiating the deal with a Rolex watch…

Episode 311 | “Actions and Consequences”


30s-40s Black. an attorney, at the police station, she confers with Zac
as to whether he wants to see Fatima before letting her into the
interrogation room. Serious in tone, she reminds Zac that the situation
here is very bad…

Episode 313 | “Life Goes On”


30’s-40’s. Black. This police officer insists on speaking to Zac, claiming to be passing on a message from Deja. He then shows Zac a devastating photo…

Tyler Perry’s Sistas Spinoff Zatima Season 3 – Erica

Episode 314 | “Free Zac”


Black, 30s.  with all the smooth moves, he comes on to Angela at thegym.  Oozing a kind of smarmy charm, he and Angela make plans to get together at her place later that evening where he suddenly turns aggressive, terrifying Angela who doesn’t understand why he’s insulting

Episode 314 | “Free Zac”


Black, 30s. recently back from Germany where she was stationed while inthe military, she is Fatima’s former best friend. Thrilled when she runs into Fatima at the gym, an excited Leslie insists on getting together for dinner and catching up…

Episode 315 | “Everybody Knows”


Male or female, late 30’s-40’s, open ethnicity. this officer orders a suspect to freeze and tackles him before imploring the victim to reach out with more information…

Episode 315 | “Everybody Knows”


Black, 60’s, this old, ugly, longtime friend of Angela’s is the Sugar Daddy type that would go to extreme lengths for her services…

Tyler Perry’s Sistas Spinoff Zatima Season 3 – Erica

Episode 316 | “Art of Surprise”


30’s, Black. Malachi is Fatima’s old friend. Formerly in the military
and currently an FBI Agent, he is trained to physically overpower
attackers and can accurately read body language. He was caught making
love to his wife in another person’s house while the homeowner wasn’t
home and thrown over a table for it…

Episode 317 | “Forgiveness”


Male or female, 20’s-30’s, Black. This robber tries to stick up a barbershop…

Episode 319 | “Surprise Surprise”


40’s-50’s. Open ethnicity. This doctor at a rehab center provides a patient in pain with information regarding his medication andupdates the patient’s family member of his status at the rehab

Tyler Perry’s Sistas Spinoff Zatima Season 3- Erica

Episode 319 | “Surprise Surprise”


20’s-30’s, open ethnicity. This nurse at a rehab center knows how to be encouragement without giving false hope…

Episode 320 | “To Die For”


late 50’s-60s. Black. This pastor conducting a funeral is a goodspeaker, turning his anecdotes of the departed into a parable. He holds
his position and his church in the highest regard, but he is accused of
being not as pure and pious as he pretends to be…

Episode 320 | “To Die For”  


big ex-football type, 30’s, Black. this man runs into a house to chase a
drug addict. He gets involved in a brawl which ends up with shots

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