Zatima on Bet Plus Official Trailer Breakdown

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The trailer opens up with Zac and Fatima officially moving in together. We get to see movers in the background, and I guess Fatima has decided to get rid of her place and jump in fully to move in and this relationship with Zac. Part of me wanted her to keep her place one because they could afford to and two just as a direct nod to how quickly this was happening, and if she kept her place even if she never used it, it would show me that she was moving a bit more grounded in the relationship and the current circumstances they find themselves in personally that we have seen play out in season 4 of Sistas. Zatima on Bet Plus Official Trailer Breakdown –

Now the next scene is one of them happily in the car, seemingly driving to dinner, when we hear a voice-over from Fatima saying, “This would be the right time to pull out if you wanted to,” as we pick up on her and Zac at dinner at the moment that she is actually saying those words and he responds, “you know you don’t like when I pull out.” That statement soured my perspective of what I hoped to see from the couple in this first season because I know that many people in the Sistas fandom want Fatima to get pregnant as some type of backward vengeance on all the other women in Zac’s life, but I do not.

Should Fatima get pregnant?

At least not yet. They are 6 weeks into knowing each other. Let that sink in. They have known each other for only 6 weeks, are now in a great committed relationship, and are moving in with one another. Zac has a 3-year-old son he never knew about, an unborn child on the way, the SEC ready to take his ass to jail for insider trading, and he is still harboring the same lack and kinda poverty mindset he has had his entire life because he is literally 3 weeks into being a millionaire out of sheer luck. No, I do not want Fatima to rush and get pregnant amid all of this and as a sole reason for staking claim to a man already devoted to her. Fatima is a better character than that and a stronger woman than that.

From there, we go to another scene where Fatima says, “I like it when you’re jealous, daddy,” and I cringed. Now that we have an entire series devoted to Zac and Fatima and their relationship, we will undoubtedly learn more about Fatima, which is excellent. I think I am struggling with accepting the Fatima that Tyler Perry has been showing us this past Sistas Season, as she is seemingly night and day from the Fatima we first met and fell in love with. But I am aware that we are learning more about her, so it’s just something I will have to understand and accept. At that moment, her saying that phrase was just a no for me. Not to mention we can’t really tell what’s in her hand, and I want to rule out a pregnancy test, but given Zac’s statement previously, we can’t.

Zatima on Bet Plus Official Trailer Breakdown –

Things lighten up a bit when we meet Fatima’s friends, Angela and Belinda, in the following scene. The three are at a bar having drinks, and Fatima announces it’s time they meet the love of her life that got her smiling like this. This scene of the trailer started to position the trailer to give the vibes of a “Two Can Play That Game” or a “Woo” feature film trailer, which I’m here for. Zatima was clearly shot differently than Sistas creating its own visual statement reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s black films that routinely told the story of black love in life.

From there, we see a quick moment of Zac and Fatima after she returns home from drinks with the girls as she is wearing the same dress, and then we quickly cut to Zac with his homeboys on the basketball court.

Tony says, “You fall in love, your life is over,” Nathan responds, “He speaking facts.” In this scene, while great to see the world building out around Zac and the introduction of his support system, it’s a lil nerve-wracking to hear two out of the 3 homeboys have such a negative outlook on marriage… You know these men be influencing each other to do dumb $ hits. But we gonna let the men live for now.

Zatima on Bet Plus Official Trailer Breakdown –

From there, we see Heather Jennings come into the house of Zac’s son for a brief second and then an intimate moment with Zac and Fatima in their bedroom where we see her say to him, “Anything you’ve done in your past, I am not concerned about.” We then continue to hear her as it cuts to a group toast moment in their living room with Angela and Bryce. This part was cool to see with them entertaining friends, but it was initially announced that Angela would be dating Jake, so to see Bryce there, I am wondering if we will see Jake in the Zatima spinoff, or were their creative changes made to the original script to adjust the story slightly.

Is Jake still Angela’s Boyfriend?

Mainly because it looks like Bryce put his hand on Angela’s thigh like they are together. Or that is one view because in a different angle, as we see Zac go to answer the door for Belinda, it looks like Bryce’s hand is on his own knee, and this could very well just be a let’s invite all of our friends over so they can meet my new significant other. I am gonna go with the first one, but I wouldn’t be entirely breaking down this trailer if I didn’t mention the other possibility.

Regardless, this friendly and joyous moment is interrupted by the arrival of Belinda, specifically as both Belinda and Zac realize they know each other and not in we bumped into each other at Whole Foods the other day kinda way. Fatima asks if they know each other, and Belinda, with an attitude, confirms.

At this point, we are halfway through the trailer; we are getting montages of the city of Atlanta cut with a contemplating Fatima in her car, a disappointed Zac seemingly looking at Fatima in the bath, and then a convo with Fatima and Angela at a restaurant as Angela reminds her, “relationships shouldn’t be all of this drama.” Yes, we are getting more drama as we see Zac attempt to break up a fight with Fatima and who may be Valerie, the realtor looking to work with Zac this season outside the duplex. But the drama is not just centering around Fatima’s reactions to the stuff happening with Zac, but the trailer introduces Fatima’s drama from the past.

Zac ain’t the only one with drama!!!

In the next scene, we see her telling Angela, “I ran into Ian today,” before we cut to seeing her and Ian catching up over coffee. Before we can fully take in the weight and the sadness on Fatima’s face at that moment, we see Tony snapping a photo or video of Fatima hugging him, ready to run and tell Zac without knowing anything about what is actually going on. In the next scene, we see him showing Zac his phone as we hear a voice over of “She cheated, that was your out.”

Zatima on Bet Plus Official Trailer Breakdown –

Angela will really be Fatima’s confidant as we get the next scene of Fatima crying on her shoulder due to Ian or Zac’s response to Ian.

The rest of the trailer shows us montages of scenes of emotional Zac and Fatima professing their love for one another. Through the good and the bad, they are in this together as Bonnie and Clyde, never giving up. Zatima is real. I think the scene where we see Fatima in the red dress we have seen throughout the trailer is the Season Finale when Zac proposes to her, and she says yes.

But they can’t let us exit the trailer on that happy note because they remind us that Fatima is with the shits this season and will continue to lay hands, arms, and feet as we see her snatch Deja out of the hot tub at the duplex and throw Heather into the vanity at the strip club.

Overall the trailer is a feel-good sneak peek into the vibes and story Tyler Perry will tell in the sol iteration of Zac and Fatima, better known as Zatima. It is a pretty long trailer that does a great job of hyping the Sistas fandom for the Sistas universe’s first spinoff, and with its success, I hope to see more.

If you are interested in learning more about the characters of Season 1 of Zatima or reading the Synopsis for each episode this season, keep it locked on for all the details on the series that you should know before it is streaming on September 29, 2022.

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