12 New Characters Coming to Season 5 Sistas on BET

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Tyler Perry’s hit series is currently filming Season 5 and we can expect 9 new characters to make their debut and shake up the Sistas world.

[ JONAH ] (Male, Black, 30’s – 38), but looks younger. Jonah is a passenger that Dani checks in at the airport. He is good looking, confident, forward and successful. When he meets Dani at the airport, he’s with his disrespectful baby mama Julia. Despite this, he and Dani have a connection and eventually try to date. This ends in a violent altercation between them when Dani insults Jonah in the bedroom and we see a completely different side of him emerge…. RECURRING *This role contains nudity and simulated sex scenes.

[ JOHN WILLIAMS ] (Male, White, Early-Mid 30’s) – He is the prosecutor handling Sabrina and Maurice’s case. He is handsome, arrogant, petty and vindictive. A real shark in the water. He is holding a grudge against Sabrina because Andi was his wife’s divorce lawyer, and he blames Andi & co. for his loss. He’s made it his mission to make sure Sabrina is found guilty…. RECURRING

12 New Characters Coming to Season 5 Sistas on BET –

[ TAMARA ](Female, Black, late 20’s – Early 30’s) Incredibly beautiful, sexy, and a little hood. Tamara is hired by Fatima to make another lawyer at the firm fall in love with her. She poses as a prospective client of the law firm. She is confident that she can have him eating out of the palm of her hand in a week…. GUEST STAR/ POSS RECUR *This role contains nudity and simulated sex scenes.

[ JULIE ] (30’s – early 40’s, Black, Female) A passenger with Higher Airlines, Julie shows up at the counter with her husband, Jonah, and she’s in a FOUL mood. Impossible to please, cursing, radically aggressive and insulting, Julie is so extremely unpleasant that Danni wrongly assumes that Julie is drunk. In fact, she’s worried about her son, who broke his leg on camp, and just needs to vent all her emotions in the wrong direction…

OFFICER SIMPSON ] 40’s, Open Ethnicity, Male or Female. This police officer has arrested Sabrina, and he/she is in no mood for anything but silent subservience. Impatient, possibly tired, but definitely truculent, Officer Simpson has zero tolerance for backtalk, and is ready to have Sabrina’s hair extensions cut right off her head as part of the prisoner intake process…

12 New Characters Coming to Season 5 Sistas on BET –

[ MARIE ] 30’s, Open Ethnicity, Female. This sexy young woman is Deja’s friend, who is with her in the gym. When Fatima gets into a fight with Deja in the locker room, slamming her hand in a locker, Marie runs to get help…

[ HERMAN ] 40’s, Open Ethnicity, Male. Male, this airport supervisor is showing Que the ropes of his new job…

[ LORI ] 30’s – 40’s, Open Ethnicity, Female, this family law attorney meets with Zac on short notice as a favor to her friend, Bryce. She’s sympathetic to Zac’s situation, but doesn’t hold back when she gives him the worst case scenario about his current sticky situation — and it’s dire…

JOEY ] Male, 30’s, Black, he knocks on Zac and Fatima’s door looking for Fatima but is greeted by Zac who tells him Fatima isn’t there. When Joey tries to leave, Zac insists that Joey tells him who he is.

[MANAGER] 30’s to 40’s years old, all ethnicities male or female. This manager of the Steam Planet restaurant tells a fighting Zac Aaron that they’re calling the cop. Later, when the fight is over, the manager tries to clean up. Meeting Gary, the Manager tells him it’ll be a moment before a table is ready…

12 New Characters Coming to Season 5 –

[LYLE] 20’s to 30’s years old, Black Male. Maurice’s cellmate, Lyle tries to start a conversation with Maurice but disappointed when Maurice won’t talk to him. Lonely from being locked up for a year, Lyle explains that he can’t make bail and that the prosecutors want him to testify against another friend but Lyle refuses to do it.

[JENNIFER] 20’s to 30’s year old, all ethnicities female. First seen quarreling furiously with Aaron, Jennifer behaves (in several ways) like a current girlfriend who is livid because she knows that Aaron is a cheater. Aaron insists to Karen (after Jennifer has stalked off, still in a state of rage) that she is common garden-variety stalker. But is he telling the truth?

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