30+ New Characters Join All The Queens Men in Season 4

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ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Ep. 401 “Hail Mary”

Writer: Valencia Hawkins


Late 50’s – 60’s, Male, Latinx – Santiago is Lotus’s father and a bloodthirsty boss operating out of Mexico. In the middle of a crime war, he’s vengeful, racist, holds others accountable and unafraid to get his hands dirty to prove a point…GUEST STAR

[ DR. FONG ]

50’s, Male, Asian – This nervous and rattled doctor has been filling Madam’s prescriptions for some time but has stopped out of fear of losing his license. He has an uncomfortable meeting with Madam, who makes it clear that losing his license will be nothing compared to what she’ll do to him if he doesn’t continue getting her her drugs. GUEST STAR


Female, late 20s, any ethnicity. very attractive, Veronica enjoys consuming cocaine and is willing—or rather, desires—to do sexual favors for it. This role is involved in a sex scene…

ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Ep. 402 “Careless Whispers”

Writer: Arthur Harris


20-21, Black, Male, Quincy is a star participant during amateur night at the male strip club, clearly receiving the most attention and praise for his dance moves on stage. He smiles proudly at the reception for his performance, he is offered a job as the newest dancer, though the rest of the dancers are suspicious of his sus behavior. However, he’s on his own secret mission to locate his father. Must have strong dance ability. HEAVY RECURRING


30’s, Black, Female, this demure-looking woman is a client of Midnight’s sensual massage that turns erotic. A satisfied customer and an eager-to-return customer, she vocalizes her pleasure and asks Midnight to indulge her in a dark fantasy, she soon becomes obsessive, popping up on him at work and home. This role requires full nudity and sexually simulated situations…RECURRING


A bodyguard at Club Eden, mid 30’s. Black. Slightly heavyset. Ladarius is on door duty, and confiscates Angela’s flashlight.  Later, during a smoke break in the alley, Ladarius starts to tell a ghost story, flicks on the flashlight for “spooky” illumination — and is blown to bits, because it isn’t a flashlight, it’s a bomb…


Male, 20-21, Black. Reggie is a rhythmically-challenged, mentally-ill man of little stature who’s sensitive about his size. He verbally and physically assaults his wrongdoers when he feels he’s being mocked, especially when it’s in public and on stage while he’s showing off his sexiest moves during amateur night at the male strip club. This role is involved in a fight scene…

ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Episode #403, “99 Problems”

Writer: Yette Foy


Female, early 30’s, Black, straight/tomboyish, ex-military but not masculine. smart, empathetic, been through some stuff, Williams is blue’s military buddy, who served with her in Afghanistan. Williams visits Blue after a long absence and the two women are clearly still very close, but Williams has gone to therapy to work with her own PTSD, while Blue still insists she can handle it. Williams has handled her own old angers as well, and is now a much more mellow person…GUEST STAR

ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Ep. 404 “Back In The Game”

Writer: Monice Mitchell Simms


One of Concierge’s followers, late 20s – early 30s. Black. an unassuming looking woman, Angela shows up at Club Eden and deliberately gets her flashlight confiscated by Ladarius — and it later blows up in his face.  Captured by Madam, Angela is tortured to reveal her motive for planting a bomb in a nightclub — and then killed…


A woman at Club Eden, mid 30s – early 40s. Black. she is looking for some private action from one of the male dancers, and she’s prepared to spend some serious money to get one of the dancers to come to Briana’s home and service her…


This Secret Service agent works at the White House, mid 30s – early 40s. Open ethnicity. Brusquely lets Concierge know that his presence is not only unwanted — he’s persona non grata and needs to be escorted out…

[ TONI ]

A very attractive older woman, early 50s, Black. Toni shows up unexpectedly at Amp’s apartment, but she’s not there to deliver food — she is Amp’s mother, and Dime is unprepared for her arrival…

ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Episode #405, “Family Ties”

Writer: Valencia Parker


Female, 30’s-40’s, Afro Latinx – Dr. Mikayla Cabrera is Blue’s new therapist. Kind, professional, upfront and reassuring, she tries to put Blue at ease, even agreeing to not taking any notes during the session if that makes Blue feel uncomfortable. She acquires Blue’s trust in helping her deal with her deep-seated PTSD from her military days, and the trauma she has from the violent life she is currently experiencing…RECURRING

ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Ep. 406 “Gas Face”

Writer: Arthur Harris


Late 20’s – 30’s, Black, Female – This lab tech at the police station is “Plain Jane” with a big smile and a pretty laugh, the type to swoon and giggle when someone flirts with her, flattered at compliments because she probably doesn’t get them every day. Doc takes advantage of this and invites her to the club. At the club, she is drugged and acts manic and paranoid, putting her job, and all the cases she is working on in jeopardy, including Madam’s…RECURRING

ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Ep. 407 “Trick Daddy”

Writer: Yvette Foy


Female, mid 30’s-early 40’s. Black or Latina. This patron at Club Eden is interested in hiring a dancer for a side gig…

ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Episode #408, “You Got Served”

Writer: Valencia Parker


Late 40s-50s, Open ethnicity. Male or female, this bailiff calls the court to order as the judge enters…


Female, late 20’s-early 30’s, Black or Latina. An unsuspecting club patron, waiting in line to get into Club Eden. signals to Trouble and starts to make a lucrative drug deal with her. She turns out to be an undercover cop…

ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Episode #409, “Rat Tat Tat Tat”

Writer: Arthur Harris


Female, late 20’s-30’s, Black or Latina. This Process Server covertly tracks down and casually approaches her target only to lose her cover when she abruptly asks him to confirm his full government name. She feigns being an ice cream enjoy and ends up getting it thrown in her face…

ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Episode #411, “Smoke And Mirrors”

Writer: Craig LaMarsh


Female, mid 20s, Black. Apparently a delivery person for Peachtree Distillery, Monica has a uniform and a clipboard and crates of what looks like liquor for Club Eden.  But Monica is an armed robber, and those crates contains guns; she and her partners plan to rob everyone in the Club at gunpoint…


An orthopedist, 40s – 70s. Any ethnicity. He examines Babyface’s knee, and tries to get his patient to understand that his injured joint needs rest and recuperation time.  But Babyface is too impatient, and demands an immediate cortisone shot; Dr. Lawry’s advice falls on deaf ears…


Babyface’s regular barber, mid 30s, Black. He’s working on another customer when Babyface walks in — and that customer is Quincy, who straight-up stole his father’s appointment.  Harry is embarrassed to be caught in the middle of a family dispute — but he’s got a gun and won’t let this ugly family reunion escalate…


Male, in his 50s, White. Nerdy and meticulous (and proud of it), Lester is a custom engineer of “specialty devices,” and he explains to the court how he fabricated a working guillotine to Madam’s ghoulish specifications…


40s, male, any ethnicity. The police officer has been assigned to guard Trouble, who is in undercover custody, and he can’t even go to the bathroom for a minute without Trouble living up to her name…

ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Episode #412, “Weak in the Knees”

Writer: Valencia Parker


Female, 30’s, Black. This patron at Club Eden shakes and cringes in fear when someone threatens her with physical violence after she’s busted for wearing stolen jewelry…


Female, 20’s-40’s, any ethnicity. This officer makes an arrest and drags the culprit away while reading the Miranda Rights…

ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Episode #413, ‘U.N.I.T.Y.”

Writer: Monica Mitchell Simms


Male, late 20’s-mid 30’s, Black. This barber working in his barbershop is confronted by Madam, who holds a gun at his head in order to get him to confess that he got some women to rob her club. A terrified Jamal immediately tells her everything she wants to know, and then she shoots him in the leg for being so easy..


Female, 50’s, Black. This jury foreperson formally tells the court the verdict…


Female, sexy, curvy. Mid 20’s, Black, Afro-Latinx, Latinx. This young woman has been hired as a “fluffer” by Madam, to get the guys all warmed up for their evening performances…


Male, 40’s, Black. He’s a barber at the same shop where Jamal works, who wonders why Madam and Tommy are locking the door…

ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Episode #415, “All Eyez On Me”

Writer: Yvette Foy


40s-50s, White. The attorney for the late Gene Marks, he’s a probate/estate specialist who takes a meeting with Toni, Gene’s allegedly grieving widow.  Joe keeps his best poker face on as he examines the Last Will and Testament that Toni produces — a document that Joe has never seen before…


20s-30s, Black. A sketchy looking drug dealer who has been arrested for having drugged sex with an underage girl, he’s ready to trade in exchange for a reduced sentence, and he dickers with Detective Davis.  In fact, he’d sell his mother down the river in order to get that rape charge dropped…


20s to 40s, male or female. Open ethnicity. This police officer shows up at Midnight’s door to place Renee Nolan under arrest…

ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN, Episode #416, “Murder Was the Case”

Writer: Arthur Harris


Male, White. 30’s. This tow truck driver is just doing his job and pulls out a baseball bat when he feels threatened by the man who lives in the car being impounded…


M/F, Open age. Open ethnicity. This process server wakes up a man living in his car to serve him a lawsuit notice…

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