Zoe Kravitz for Nylon Magazine: The Denim Issue

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Should anyone be surprised at how Zoe Kravitz turned out? I mean when you have Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz as parents you’re bound to be amazingly cool and not to mention stylish. The Dope star covered Nylon’s latest issue called “The Denim Issue” rocking her signature long braids and a series of denim looks giving us perfect autumn western vibes for the upcoming season as she oozes confidence.


The cover features Kravitz in a layered look wearing a printed jacket over a denim one opened to expose her black bikini top and a black wide brimmed hat


In one photo we see her wearing high waisted denim and the Thakoon Stiped Boucle Long Sleeve Pullover. The pullover is an orange turtleneck sweater with metallic stripes and criss-cross embroidery. She accessorized with a black wide brim hat, statement necklace, a thick brown belt with a gold buckle, and her hair in  two big twists.


In another shot we see her in an all denim outfit featuring a button-up, with a black western-style belt, with a horn statement necklace sticking to same brim hat from her previous looks and her braids flowing freely


In the magazine, Zoe talking about the struggles she had during her teens with bulimia and anorexia and being hesitant to take the role of Marie in 2014’s ‘The Road Within’ in which the character also has an eating disorder.


‘It scared the shit out of me,’ Kravitz told Nylon Magazine. ‘I was worried about my health. There was, 100 per cent, a voice in my head that said, “You get to be really thin, and it’s OK.” I felt that I could be like, “I’m not eating anything, and it’s for a job.”


She adds ‘It wasn’t as simple as that before, during, or after, but it made me confront the fact that I still had a problem,’ she admits.


Weighing in at a scary 90 pounds for the role, she tells the magazine she lost her voice because of it .


‘I couldn’t sing, which was a wake-up call telling me that I couldn’t treat my body that way and expect it to be fine. My hatred for my body and the way I looked was backfiring and taking away what I loved. I heard that so loud and clear,’


She also talks about how she doesn’t take things for granted, her upbringing by wealthy famous parents, how she picks her roles, and she wants to eventually step out of the spotlight.


This August 2015 issue is on sale Tuesday, July 21 2015 and for more inside go to Nylon.com.


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