Zac Efron Opens Up About Addiction

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Zac Efron Opens Up About Addiction

A new show that has premiered on NBC, shows a avid adventurer and sort of life coach named Bear Grylls, takes a celebrity into the wild and challenges them. They do everything outdoors, which makes you feel like your on a camping trip.

For the first week it aired he was with Zac Efron. We usually see him playing roles as the cute guy whos singing his heart out like in HairSpray or showing his sensitive side Charlie St. Cloud. We saw a whole another side of him as he took on all his these challenges like free falling or to the simplest thing like making smores.

He revealed how this was a life changing experience for him. To help him cope with juggling fame and a normal life. He reveals that his life sky rocketed so fast into celebrity that he never had a chance to get a grip on how to handle it. He soon turned to drugs like cocaine and drinking to loosen up.

From having so much work, it was hard for him to have time to himself and know how to relax on his off days. Now he says, he is better by having a more set schedule and attending Alcoholics Anonymous. It was inspirational to see a star like Efron open up so candidly about his life and struggles. How he came to solve it to lead a better life.


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