Watch the Magical, Star-Studded “Into the Woods” Trailer

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Watch the Magical, Star-Studded “Into the Woods” Trailer

Be careful what you wish for.

Disney’s newest magical film just released an absolutely fantastic trailer for Into the Woods, a tale based on a Broadway musical. In the play, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Red Riding Hood, and more learn the hard way that what they wish for determines the course of their lives.

The trailer for this incredible story was just released, and lives up to any and all expectations. It shows brief flashes of all the characters dreaming of better lives, which of course, brings chaos.

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This buzzworthy movie features incredibly talented celebrities including Meryl Streep as the gorgeously scary witch, Chris Pine as The Prince, Emily Blunt as the baker’s wife, Anna Kendrick as Cinderella, and Johnny Depp as the wolf.. . just to name a FEW.announcement_EricaVAin

But the characters are all shrouded in mystery at this point, as viewers are only given a small taste of what they will look and sound like. In fact, only Johnny Depp’s hand can be seen in this trailer.

Producers have done so intentionally, playing on the story line fans of the musical will already know, and leaving the rest of us hungry for more.

Furthermore, we don’t hear any singing at all—which is disappointing because we know Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick has some pipes that should be shown off. And Meryl… where do we start?!

Hopefully the next clip will satisfy out appetites for more of this tasty film.

Last week, images of the film were released, which you can see below. These pictures started the excitement for this magical movie—which is set to release on Christmas Day.

Because of this release date, rumors are swirling that Disney will be purposefully “watering down” content for families wishing to spend the holiday at the theater watching the star-studded cast belt out lyrics in the forest.

And while doing this may ruin chances at a future award, director Rob Marshall (Chicago) believes it’s best for film sales. Hopefully this choice doesn’t blow the house down, so to speak.

Dear Santa, I would like one ticket to the midnight showing, please.

VAIN readers, what do you think of this mystical sneak peek?

– Katelyn Holm

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