WAIT A MINUTE! Stevie J Married?!

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Now this may seem strange after the season finale of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta: Joseline Hernandez asked her boyfriend Stevie J to marry her. He responded, “A man should ask a woman to marry him, not the other way around.” In Stevie‘s case that is nothing but the truth. He is not going to do something until he wants to do it. Two seasons of this show have definitely shown that.

Joseline was happy that Stevie accepted her ring. She even told the other girls that she was engaged. The girls went to tell Mimi Faust, Stevie J‘s ex, that Stevie J was engaged and all she did was laugh.

Joseline seemed happy. She was living in her happy bubble.

Well, that bubble popped when Stevie J invited her to celebrate their “partnership”.  As Stevie J said that he wanted to make things official and enter Joseline into the “life partner gang,” Mimi walked into the room. Joseline, confused as to why Mimi was there, asked Stevie what was going on. Stevie presented Mimi with a ring he bought for her as a token of his love and appreciation. As you may know, this didn’t sit right with Joseline. She actually went off on Stevie J, trying to hit him. All the while Mimi is having a good laugh in the background.

After that fiasco, Stevie J tweets:


Hmm… Does this mean the serial play boy has tied the knot? Or is he being facetious? What are your thoughts on this?

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