Vibe Magazine Comes Back Strong: Drake, Chris Brown & Amber Rose

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So a while back I heard the tragic news about the possible demise of Vibe Magazine. It was really sad to hear that the magazine would be over because I felt that it definitely had a well carved out niche and fulfilled it to the best of it’s ability. Fast forward to December and VIBE IS BACK!!!! With the my personal favorite break out artist of 2009 on the cover, Drake (This is a dual cover some issues have Drake on the cover and some issues have Chris Brown). Vibe makes a statement with this issue, it features Drake, Chris Brown, Amber Rose, Lil Wayne, Kobe, Serena, Reagan Gomez, Gabourey Sidibe aka “Precious”, Jay Sean & many more.


Check out the interview !!

I must say that this is my favorite Vibe Magazine Ever!!!! As far as star quality, content and flynest this magazine has it all. I am definitely impressed. And I’m not going to lie, initially I brought the magazine because Drake was on the cover but when I cracked it open the content blew my mind.

Lets Start With Ms. Amber Rose’s Spread….


Ms. Rose is serving it up in this 10-page spread. I will admit that at first she was in a categories for me of “Why is she famous?” and now I know the answer to my question. CAUSE SHE IS THAT V.ITCH!!!!!! Amber Rose is Gorgeous, Fashion savvy and seems to be a great counterpart for Mr. West. She had all this star power all along just needed the right platform to display it…. YOU WORK IT V.ITCH!!!!!!!

Also featured are interviews with Chris Brown ( I brought the album but i’m so tired of hearing the Chrianna drama, personally) , articles on Lil Wayne & Kobe, Serena Tracy morgan, 50 cent, New Artist such as Jay Sean, Kelis && so much more…

Point.Blank Cop this issue!!!

Vanity APPROVED!!!

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