Unpaid Intern Is Suing Bad Boy for “Unbelievable” Tasks

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bad-boy-ericavainFormer unpaid intern Rashida Salaam is suing  Bad Boy Entertainment for the duties she was assigned during her tenure. She worked for Diddy’s company from January 2012 to May 2012. Apparently, she was upset that she was asked to answer phone calls, get coffee, decorate offices, etc. This is not a joke, unfortunately. Most interns, especially unpaid interns, are asked to handle tedious, annoying tasks that paid employees hate doing. Some of these tasks include answering the phone, making deliveries, getting coffee, or other duties that rarely have anything to do with an intern’s intended career path. The main purpose of being an intern is to observe the work field that you are considering pursuing a career in; apparently, Salaam did not get that memo.

Maybe she expected to search for new artists for the label or work alongside Diddy during business transactions. Maybe she just watched too many episodes of I Wanna Work For Diddy. These expectations would be understandable if she was getting compensated; but, since she was working for free, this makes no sense to most.

However, since there have been changes to laws concerning unpaid internships, she may come out victorious in this case.

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