The government is listening. Are you?

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1984-bookSince Edward Snowden’s leak of some of the NSA’s activities, the American public is uneasy at the very least. What is the National Security Agency listening for in our calls? What are they looking for in our social media data? What do we have that is private, and what does our government know?

It’s all very interesting from an objective point of view, but what’s actually astounding in the sales of George Orwell’s book 1984. And it’s not just like a new awakening of the book or it’s become dusted off and looked at again–it is literally gaining an increase of 4000% percent in sales! Animal Farm, another one of Orwell’s novels on the evil of totalitarian governments, received an increase of about 250%.

What is 1984? Basically, the world is controlled by a totalitarian government that controls everything from the language to the media to the food you eat and even what you think. Anytime someone does anything questionable or is considered rebellious against the government, they are reprimanded by a mysterious and seemingly omniscient leader called Big Brother. Even love is forbidden, as the emotion and loyalty love inspires is considered treasonous against the government’s rule.

The story itself follows one man who dislikes the government and quietly doubts their ‘truth’ and his attempt to make something happen, only to be tricked, tortured, and finally gives up on the love of his life so that he could better serve Big Brother. It’s incredibly depressing, but Orwell means it as a warning.

I myself need to pull this book out of my personal little library and read it when I have the chance. It’s a timeless book, so never think that it’s outdated.

And always remember, Big Brother is watching.



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