The Game Season 6 Episode 1 Recap : Welcome Lauren London and Jay Ellis

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The Game Season 6 Episode 1 Recap : Welcome Lauren London and Jay Ellis

Season 6 opens up with the series 100th Episode.

 The episode opened up with a scene of a mystery woman doing a sultry walk in a hotel hallway. Cutaways happen to show newbie Keira Whitaker getting ready for a meeting with John Singleton; Bryce Westbrook training in a pool; Malik sleep in his hotel room surrounded by beauties  Jason and Chardonnay engaging in bathroom floor sex; Tasha taking topless pics to send to Pookie and Derwin working out. What an opening huh? We soon find out that the sexy lady with amazing legs is none other than Crunk&B Songtress Ciara who happens to be a friend of child star, Keira.

One thing to highlight early on in this recap is the STYLING! The styling of this episode was on point. If the first episodes fashion is any indication of the rest of the season (other than poor Chardonnay and her imitationn Carrie Bradshaw apparel) the I will be tuned in ALL season for the sickening visuals. The guys were dapper dans and the ladies brought the sexy in large doses.

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Back to the actual storyline. We gonna ignore the Baltimore Ravens shade.Its obvious that this episodes and its remarks were recorded prior to the Ravens dominating and winning this past years Superbowl. After discovery that he was traded to the Baltimore Ravens for Rookie Bryce Westbrook, Derwin breaks down. Pooch Hall gives an emotional exit performance and its hard to imagine the show without him. This episode we see a Derwin like no other!  It will take amazing writing and stellar performances from Lauren, Jay, Colby and Brandy to keep the show alive and thriving. Speaking of Colby aka Jason Pitts, I am dying to see how the Chardonnay and Jason storyline plays out. They are currently in NYC on their honeymoon, you know the real one not the drunken Mexico one, lol. Jason seems happier than ever before!

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Quote of the Episode:

“Where Black Girls GO Wrong Living in the Potential of a Man” – Tasha Mack

We will dig deeper into this statement over at…

TT is still the voice of reason. (Still in love with Melanie, lmao) I have been very skeptical about the exit of Tia Mowry from the cast. For goodness sake the show started out ABOUT HER.  With Derwin, sorry Pooch following suit I am even more nervous. However when I think about it, I had no idea who Pooch Hall was prior to “The Game”. He was just a pretty face and a set of washboard abs. He was cute, corny, funny, relateable with an amazing smile. It seems that BET has done a great job casting his successor… The FINE Jay Ellis. Overall, the first episode was DOPE!I can honestly say that I am glad I tuned in even though last year I swore off the show shortly after Tia Mowry’s departure. Great start, I am just hoping they keep the momentum up!


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Questions for the writers:

  • Is Kelly still out “finding herself”? 
  • Why is Chardonnay trying to find her inner Carrie Bradshaw? #Random
  • Where is Jenna?
  • Will Ciara be a reoccurring character? She should!
  • Where is poochie?

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