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Tatyana Ali is back! In the chilling new thriller Second Sight,” premiering today at 8 p.m. E.T., Ali is starring as Clara Randall a young teacher haunted by her visions.



Clara possesses the gift of “prophesy” which leaves her tormented by the visions of kidnappings. With no one believing her gift of “second sight,” she works alone to search and rescue one of her students who went missing. She has trouble convincing others of her abilities, as well as understanding them herself. The relationship with her boyfriend Tony Prescott (Texas Battle, The Bold and The Beautiful), begins to suffer as he tries to convince her that the visions are nothing more than a figment of her imagination.

Clara does her best to maintain a normal life, but after seeing the abduction of one of her students, she follows the clues from her visions and begins to take matters into her own hands. While searching for the truth and trying to understand her visions, Clara discovers shocking secrets and finds it hard to trust those around her.

This TV ONE network special was produced by Digilab Productions. Executive producers Cathy Hughes, Radio One founder and Executive Vice President of Special Projects Susan Banks, works with writer Susan Banks and Michael Scott serving as Director and Producer. Jubba Seyyid is executive-in-charge of production, Robyn Greene Arrington is vice president of original programming and production, and D’Angela Proctor is head of original programming and production for TV ONE.

First with horror, and now suspense, Ms. Hughes and Susan Banks have once again ushered TV Oneinto an entirely new genre for the network,” stated D’Angela Proctor, TV One’s Head of Original Programming and Production. “Driving the network into fresh and unexplored territory is exactly what our new brand promise represents – taking chances and defying expectations.

If you miss the premiere tonight, catch the encore of Second Sight tonight at 10p.m. E.T. and Sunday, April 24 at 8:30 p.m. E.T. Don’t miss the chance to see Tatyana Ali take over TV ONE as Clara Randall. Can she use her visions to save her students or is it all in her head? Find out tonight and check out the trailer below!

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