Target Refuses To Sell Frank Ocean’s Album ” Channel Orange” & Ne-Yo Speaks Out About Frank Ocean Recent Announcement

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The controversy begins. It looks like Target has decided to not sell Frank Ocean‘s new album “Channel Orange” due to him releasing it on Itunes exclusively a week before it hit stores. Someone from Frank’s camp is not falling for that reason and tweeted their thoughts on the situation believing it has more to do with his previous announcement about his sexual prefrence…

Target has refused to carry Franks album because of Itunes exclusive. Interesting since they also donate to non equal rights organizations.

Even with such controversy swirling around Frank Ocean and his recent announcement, celebrities are still showing support for the entertainer regardless of who he loves. In a recent interview with Power 106 Yesi Ortiz the songwriter and producer Ne-Yo gave his thoughts about Frank Ocean and his bravery, as well as spoke about how he dealt with rumors about his sexuality when he first hit the scene…

 “To each his own, if that’s how he rock, that’s how he rock, you know what I mean. It don’t change the fact that his music is incredible. It don’t change the fact that he’s an incredible artist. He chose to put his personal life out there, and that’s him. I don’t fault people for who they are, if that’s really who you are, you know what I mean.  If that’s really who you are then by all means do what you do. I’m not gonna judge you behind that. That’s not my place.

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