Sophia Vergara Covers August 2013 Issue of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’

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For her gorgeous cover photo for Harper Baazar’s August 2013 issue, Sophia Vergara keeps it simple yet chic in an outfit from Dolce & Gabbana.

In this issue out on newsstands, the 41-year-old actress dishes about various things, including her hit television series Modern Family, her fiancé Nick Loeb, her love for Hermés Birkin bags and staying confident in the industry.

Check out some highlights from Vergara’s interview below..

On Modern Family:

Even after the first episode, it was insane. People came up to me everywhere—little girls, grandmothers, everybody.

On why she loves Modern Family:

I would be lying to you if I didn’t say the success of it. For me, it has allowed me to do the things I always wanted—my endorsements.

On the success she has gained from acting:

I never thought I could act, or acting was for me. I’ve never been artistic. I always knew I was funny; I was the class clown, but I never thought to make money out of it or to be professional.

On her character Gloria on Modern Family:

I don’t think there’s ever going to be a better part for me. But I do think—and my son and boyfriend agree with me—that I could play a crazy psychopath. I’m not joking.

On her fiancé Nick Loeb:

He’s really handsome. He’s six foot four, and he has blue eyes and a lot of black hair….Or it used to be black. Now it’s got a lot of white in it. Nick says all the white hair came from me.

On if she feels pressured to be glamorous on a daily basis:

No. I’m Latin; I do it no matter what. It’s automatic. I shower, do hair and makeup. For me, it’s like shaving. I don’t believe in a natural look. Lipstick brightens your face! Unless you’re Gisele Bündchen or 19, you need something. Most of my girlfriends are very good with it because they’re Latin, but some of the Americans, I give them lipstick like, ‘Put it on!’

On her love for Hermés Birkin bags:

I tell Manolo [her son] ‘If I don’t have enough money for your college this month, you have to sell the Birkins.’ My business manager is very traditional, Jewish guy. Every time I buy one of those, he calls me and says, ‘Sofia, it’s Craig. Did you buy this, or is it a fraud?’ I’m like, ‘Craig, listen … what would you prefer? Me popping champagne bottles and doing drugs and wasting money or buying bags? These are valuable. These, Manolo can sell!

On staying confident in the industry:

You know, I think what has made me successful is that I have no need to prove anything to anyone. There are so many actresses who stop working because they take themselves too seriously—gorgeous women, but no roles. I don’t have those insecurities; I’m very thankful that they’re casting me. Now that I’m getting more secure with acting, I’m sure I could do other things.


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