“Sinister Six” spin-off movie pushes back Spider-Man 3 premiere date

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“Sinister Six” spin-off movie pushes back Spider-Man 3 premiere date

 Avid movie fans will have to wait four years for the next Spider-man centric movie. Sony Columbia Pictures announced that the next movie in the franchise will be called The Sinister Six, the first of two spin-off films Sony plans to release in the coming years. The Sinister Six will come out in 2014 and will push Spider-man 3 to 2018.

Set to be one of two spinoffs, The Sinster Six will focus on the six-man super-villian team that bans together to commit crimes no one villain can accomplish alone. Needless to say, they all hate Spider-man and work together to kill him while also robbing banks and causing general panic and damages. The Rhino and Electro, who made their movie debut in The Amazing Spiderman 2, are part of the Sinister Six along with Kraven the Hunter, Dr. Octopus, and The Vulture. It is very likely that Jamie Foxx (Electro) and Paul Giamatti (Rhino) will reprise their roles in The Sinister Six  movie and  the third Spider-man movie, but nothing is certain yet. Drew Goddard will be directing and writing the script for the Sinister Six.  A sneak peek of the plans for the Sinster Six movie is available on special Amazing Spider-man 2 DVDs on sale now at Target.

The other off-shoot in development, Venom, currently does not have a set release date nor a cast or synopsis in the works, but the title implies that either this movie will feature Spider-man’s transformation from a well-meaning vigilante to an actually dangerous outlaw, or will someone else take the role of Venom? Will the off-shoot simply recycle the theme and plot of the final Tobey MacGuire Spider-Man movie, or will it go in an entirely different direction? For spin-off movies, it is hard to tell how frequent a character may show up. For instance, who knows if Spider-Man or Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker will get much screen time, since the movies will be focusing on the villain’s backstories. Will fans be satisfied with this, or will Sony choose to give the lead characters an equal amount of screen time?

Amazing Spiderman 2 accumulated $706 million internationally, falling short of the $758 million that Amazing Spiderman earned. Will the two off-shoot movies make up for the disappointing numbers that Amazing Spider-man 2 brought in? Are viewers unfamiliar with the comic franchise and the iconic villains going to want to spend $12 or more to see a movie that will not have Spidey as the main character? Only time will tell.


– Elizabeth Ovieda



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