Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy Say Goodbye to The View

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Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy say goodbye to The View

Yesterday’s episode of’ The View was the last for co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy. Their final show was pre-taped on Thursday so the two ladies have had a chance to say goodbye to their fellow hosts in person and all over social media. McCarthy received a brief goodbye in an earlier episode for her one year as a View host, but Monday’s final show was mostly about celebrating Shepherd’s seven years as a View host.

It was an emotional goodbye to the host of seven years. Sherri Shepherd was in tears after receiving thanks from her fellows hosts and fans, as well as blessings for the future. Shepherd stated,

“I’m so extremely and profoundly grateful. This has been one of the best seven years of my life. I tell people, step out of the fear, because I didn’t want to take this job, because I’m not a prosecutor, I don’t know anything. … I have to say my boss, Barbara Walters, pushed me. I cried in my dressing room for three years saying, ‘What am I doing on this table?'”

Shepherd is going on to bigger and better things after leaving The View. She is currently filming  Finally Famous and Ride Along 2, alongside Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Jenny McCarthy is also moving on, currently filming the movie Saving Little Italy.


The View hosts were joined by Ginger Zee from Good Morning America and acclaimed author Suzy Welch. Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell were not present during the live-taping on Thursday as they were test screening with potential new hosts, reminding viewers that Shepherd’s and McCarthy’s departure is part of the upheavel that resulted from Barbara Walters retirement. So far, there are no official announcements about who is going to join Whoopi Golderberg and Rosie O’Donnell as co-hosts, although some people in the mix are Nicole Wallace, October Gonzalez, SE Cupp, and many more.

The View is also saying goodbye to long-time producer Bill Geddie, who helped get the talk-show off the ground with original creator, Barbara Walters. Geddie will be replaced by new producer Bill Wolf.


– Elizabeth Ovieda


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