Selena Responds to Bieber v Bloom Drama with “Kiss My A$$”

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Selena Backside_EricaVain

Selena Responds to Bieber v Bloom Drama with “Kiss My A$$”

In case you’ve been MIA the last few days, Orlando Bloom refused to shake Bieber’s hand, instigating a “your girlfriend, Miranda” joke from JB, and an attempted punch from the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.SelenaShortShorts_EricaVAin Celebrities are all weighing in on the drama and taking sides, but Justin’s on-again, off-again famous lady friend Selena Gomez hasn’t vocally commented on the issue. Still, she’s been the center of rumors all week. With snaps from a TMZ paparazzi, she was linked to Bloom in headlines, which actually just turned out to be an innocent cigarette break for the older man and an unknowing Sel in the background. But now, papz met up with the “Come and Get It” singer, and we just realized just how appropriate this song is for the situation. While the 20 year-old sported stylish jean shorts, flannel, and leather booties from the front, the party was definitely in the back, as the saying goes. Selena got cheeky, literally, and though she doesn’t have a bun in the oven, her buns are definitely in the sunshine. There’s not butts about it, she’s got a nice backside. Could this be a stab at her ex, saying to kiss her beautiful you-know-what? Or was it merely a case fallout—as in, the back of her shorts literally fell out? Either way, the world is getting a full view of what Justin is missing out on by getting involved in all of these crazy shenanigans. Whatcha say, Biebs, are you gonna come and get it? VAIN readers, what to you think of all this Bieber v Bloom drama? -Katelyn Holm

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