Selena Boob Job: The Final Verdict

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Selena Boob Job: The Final Verdict

The internet had a total freak out this morning when pictures of a bra-less Selena Gomez sparked boob job controversy. The singer’s assets looked unrealistically perky, and the whole world was crying wolf. Or, “plastic surgery” in this case.

Though many people have contemplated whether or not a little Victoria’s Secret magic was going on underneath the “Come and Get It” singers sheer black tank, there’s no push up bra line to be seen. And it would definitely be seen, since the whole world is getting another full frontal view of the singer’s bod.

Though the Instagram nip-slip happened just a few days ago, Sel has given the world another glimpse at her girls already.

This all seems a bit wild from the Disney Channel princess, though, right? A poster girl for all things good, Selena Gomez has always made good choices and spoken out about how important being a good role model was to her.

But I know you’re wondering: Are they real or fake?

After much analysis, TMZ announced that the paparazzi just caught the “Naturally” singer (ironic song title) on the upward bounce, giving her the questionable lift. How creepy is the thought of “analysis” though? Kinda awkward.

So, carry on, world. Nothing to see here.

All of this plays into a much bigger picture. Selena has been feuding with her bestie Demi, which caused the “Neon Lights” performer to unfollowing the Spring Breakers star and say a few choice words via Twitter. And it wasn’t pretty.

Not only that, but her on-again, off-again relationship with the Biebs has been quite rocky lately. After an Instagram post declaring unconditional love, the two started attending church together and Justin got baptized. Then, his racist slurs and partying scandals drove them apart for a while. And now? All of Sel’s friends have distanced themselves from her because of her “disappointing choices.”

Then there’s the Miley incident, where the Bangerz twerk-a-holic paraded a cutout of Gomez on stage, singing “FU.”

Subtle, right?

When you’re ready, come and get it, Sel. We know you’ll get back on the right track soon!

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  1. Katelyn Holm

    July 16, 2014 at 12:44 am

    When I first wrote this, I was convinced it was plastic surgery. I didn’t even think that the camera could have caught her at the perfect moment. It was a learning lesson to not judge so quickly!

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