Sabrina Carpenter – Smoke and Fire [Video]

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Sabrina Carpenter-Smoke and Fire-player  Sabrina-Carpenter--Smoke-and-Fire-Still--36

It’s nice to see Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World” actress Sabrina Carpenter taking her career to a whole new level. Not only is her song “Smoke and Fire” a hit with fans of hers, but the delicate intriguing video makes her a force to be reckoned with. The American actress/singer did an amazing job in displaying her emotions in this video. You can see the lyrics from the song and beat of the music move through her while she is dancing. The video begins with the ending and rewinds to the beginning to tell a story. This is the best part of the video; because it hooks you in from the very instant it starts. The rest is full of movement and subtlety as Carpenter sings with a brick black back drop behind her. The ballet dancers move with the song and it ends with her tossing a necklace in the trash. So proud of the Disney star who looks like she has a lot more to show us, looking forward to her future music hits.

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