ROSALEE SAVES THE DAY! #UndergroundWGN – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

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Wednesday night’s episode of Underground left us with hope that the runaways will make it to freedom. It’s no secret that Noah (Aldis Hodge) is the leader of the group, but in the latest episode tensions among the four put his leadership skills to the ultimate test.

With only Henry (Renwick Scott), Rosalee (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Cato (Alano Miller) left in the group, Noah has to make some tough decisions, including stealing a boat from a group of people. Rose argues that they shouldn’t do it, because they haven’t harmed them in anyway. When Cato here’s her plea, tells Rosalee that if she wants to survive with the rest of them she needs toughen up and understand that it’s “us vs. them.”

Noah, Cato and Henry work together to apprehend the boat from the other passengers, holding them at gun point and knocking them overboard. August (Christopher Melani) seems to always be steps ahead of them and he is already approaching the boat as they are about to take off. For a brief moment, can we just discuss how hard it is to see SVU’s detective Stabler playing this role! True SVU fans are watching Underground, trying not to scream out “Stabler NO!” Back to the recap, Rosalee does some quick thinking and unties the rope, allowing the boat to drift off. Noah and August begin fighting, almost knocking August off the boat. Before Rose can escape becoming collateral damage, August grabs her by the waist and jumps into the water.

Surprisingly we discover that Rosalee can swim! During her struggle with August in the water, Noah shoots him in the back to slow him down and this allows Rose to swim back to the boat.

Later, John Hawkes (Marc Blucas) and his wife Elizabeth (Jessica De Gouw) are finding it difficult to adjust to their new double life; renovating their home into a safe haven for runaways. They run into trouble when the marshal, who clearly has an inappropriate romantic interest in Elizabeth, deputizes Hawkes with a gun to hunt slaves.

While out searching for runaways, Hawkes comes across a slave that he has helped once before. The slave attacks the marshal and asks Hawkes to help him escape. When the marshal wakes up, Hawkes is bleeding and comes up with a story that explains the missing runaway. The marshal’s suspicions are sustained for now and Hawkes and Elizabeth help another runaway escape.

Back on the plantation, Tom Macon’s (Reed Diamond) wife gives birth and Rev. Willowset comes to visit. The Reverend admits that he knows about Macon and Ernestine’s sexual relationship. As he is baptizing her, he leans close and whispers “I see you for what you are Jezebel.” Hopefully their secret doesn’t get out, but you know what they say “what’s done in the dark comes to light.”

While figuring out their next move, Noah and the others realize Rosalee is gone. Noah immediately thinks Cato has something to do with it, considering he shot Zeke in the leg to slow him down and kicked one of the passengers that were hiding in the boat overboard. Henry breaks up the fight right before they hear gun shots coming from across the way. August and his son Ben retreat once they are informed that August wife is missing from the hospital.

This allows a window of opportunity for the other slave catchers to capture Noah, Cato and Henry and return them to the plantation for a reward. Still confused on where Rose disappeared too, before the slave captures can seize the group, shots are fired! And not in that slang WORLDSTARHIPHOP way, actual shots were fired and Rosalee appears out of the bushes with a group of armed Native Americans.

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That scene was too intense, not only did we think Rosalee went back to the plantation,but now the group as the type of ally’s they desperately needed.

Just when we all thought Rose decided she couldn’t stick it out, she saved their lives. Next week we will see how much closer the group is to reaching their freedom. Stay tuned Underground fans!

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