Rob Kardashian Takes the Heat Again for “Pimping Out” Sister on Twitter

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Rob Kardashian Takes the Heat Again for “Pimping Out” Sister on Twitter

16 year-old Kylie Jenner has been posting some racy pictures lately, which isn’t odd considering the nip slips half-sister Kim has been known for lately. And then there’s the topless photos of Kendall making magazine covers.

So, Kylie’s revealing posts are not really out of place, but may still be a little inappropriate considering her age. Famous or not.

Nevertheless, Rob Kardashian decided to tweet a picture of the youngest Jenner, and a sexy one at that. With the pic, he captioned, “MEN.”

That’s it.

His followers lashed out immediately, calling him a pervert for encouraging men to drool over his underage sister.

They went as far to considering the post as “pimping out” the young woman. Tweeters were ruthless, calling him overweight, disgusting, you name it.

This odd decision to go public after being silent on social media for a while is indeed an odd one. Why this? Why now?

Rob recently started rumors about himself via Twitter, telling fans he had a son on the 4th of July. Even mom Kris believed the story, emailing him about whether or not there was any truth to the matter.

Seems like Rob would be better off keeping silent, considering all the trouble he is stirring up.

That’s not the only weird thing happening between siblings in this famous family recently.

Last week, Brody Jenner walked in on a basically-naked Kim posing for photos while filming their TV show, and things got creepy. When he ran out, he confessed to his sister-in-law that he was a little turned on by Kim, who is his half-sister. Gross.

He has since admitted he was just playing up the situation and giving viewers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians something to laugh about.

Maybe this kind of thing just runs in the family.

VAIN readers, do you think Rob went overboard with this tweet, or was he just doing his sister a favor?

– Katelyn Holm

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