Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap

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This episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta started out with Phaedra telling Sheree that she was not going to be her lawyer anymore. Phaedra had been hearing that Sheree had been bad mouthing her lawyer skills since she went to court for child support and her ex husband Bob threw a counter lawsuit at them. Both Phadera and Sheree felt that it would be better for their friendship to let another lawyer deal with Sheree’s case. Kim and Kory moved into their first home together which was Kim’s dream home. The house that they moved into was beautiful and the interior decorator did an amazing job. Cynthia was dealing with having the grand opening of the Bailey Fashion School. Peter made Cynthia work extremely hard because he felt like she should do everything on her own for her business. Besides the nervous tears and late invitations Cynthia’s event turned out well. While at Cynthia’s event Marlo appeared and used the word “big poppa” and “big mama” freely  in front of Kim and her husband Kroy while in conversation with Kandi about how she gets her money. Marlo just felt the need to cause a scene or attempt to get on Nene’s good side by saying things to make Kim feel uncomfortable. According to ATLien Marlo is a fake and was kissing ass to make it on RHOA but it didnt work out because of her “violent past”. The episode ended with Cynthia thanking everyone for attending and her event. While thanking everyone she calls Peter up and he was no where to be found. Of Course Cynthia’s sister was all in Cynthia’s marriage saying what should and should not be going on. Cynthia sister Mal needs to be worrying about her husband thats playing basketball in France doing who knows what with who knows who.

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