Pretty Little Liars Episode Recap

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Pretty Little Liars Episode Recap


With only one episode until the fAtal finale, the drama is at an all-time high on Pretty Little Liars! Here’s a recap of last night’s episode. Don’t forget to tune into ABC Family at 8 PM EST next Tuesday, August 26th, for the summer finale!

The girls decide to ice out Ali

icingoutali icingoutali2 icingoutali3 icingoutali4

In last week’s episode, the liars decided to go to the police and turn Ali in. Last night when the girls are literally in front of the police station, A sends them a message makes it clear that it won’t be as easy as that. Since they can’t go to the police to confess the truth, they try to distance themselves from Alison. The girls are so sick of Ali that they begin to question if Ali is actually living in fear or A or if they’re working together. Emily even slips up in the end of the episode and calls Ali A by mistake. Obviously the girls distrust Ali so much that they’re growing suspicious of her.

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