Photo: Madonna Posts Racy Crotch Pic for Birthday

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Photo: Madonna Posts Racy Crotch Pic for Birthday

Nothing says “Happy 56th Birthday” like an explicit picture of your cha cha for the whole world to see.

Wait, what?

Apparently Madonna felt the need to flash her goodies in hopes of getting some goodies August 16th for her birthday. She took to Instagram to post a snap of her nether region – sheer black panties and a black top, with nothing of any importance in the foreground. We can see glimpses of her bathroom in the back, where clothes hang in the shower. With the pic she said,

Yes, we hang out dresses in the bathtub! Thanks D&G! #unapologeticbitch

Well, she sure does keep it classy

VAIN readers, what do you think about this “selfie” of sorts? Too much?

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