Cobra Starship Is Back In Full Force

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Ah, ThrowBack Thursday; the phrase has become a routine part of our week.  I’m sure we have all posted a #tbt on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  Well, Cobra Starship’s latest music video for their new single, Never Been In Love has all the qualifications of a #tbt.  While the song is totally fresh and brand new, the music video is nothing less than reminiscent of the late-’80s to early-’90s.

Cobra Starship collaborated in the studio with Icona Pop and then with Ellen von Unwerth to shoot the music video.  The video was filmed in Sweden and goes along perfectly with the carefree sound of the song.  If von Unwerth’s work looks familiar, there is a strong chance you have seen her vast portfolio of artists such as Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Rihanna, and many more.

cobra starship2

If you are like me and still enjoy listening to hit pop songs of the early-’90s, you will absolutely regret not listening to Never Been In Love.  And the music video? It’s a perfect homage to the song itself.  While the title of the song may make it sound like another corny love song, rest assured it is far from that.  Before long it will be one of the catchiest tunes of the year.

MTV premiered the video and after just five days it has more than 113,000 views on YouTube.  Congratulations, Cobra Starship! Your hard work is certainly paying off.

4 Reasons Why Jessie T Usher is Our #MCM and Should Be Yours Too

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#1 He stars in our new favorite series “Survivor’s Remorse” produced by Lebron James on Starz.

Survivors Remorse is a series chronicling the life and times of professional basketball player Cam Calloway (Jessie T. Usher). Cam signs a multi-million dollar contract with an Atlanta team and moves with his family to Atlanta with him where they face the challenges of fame , fortune and some fall out.

#2 He is SMART. Dude graduated high school at age 15.



“I was in alternative schooling and I was able to move at my own pace and take whatever classes that I wanted, whenever I wanted. The curriculum that I chose was at an extremely fast rate. I actually finished school in the fall and had to wait an entire four or five months just so I could actually graduate with my class. I just took college courses after that.” – Buzzfeed

#3 Have you seen his instagram? Dude is funny with personality for days!



#4 Last but Certainly not LEAST! HE IS HANDSOME! jessie-t-usher-ronraeco-lee_400x295_82

Bonus: Thank me later ladies (Look Below)

Drake Drops New Music (6 God, Heat of the Moment, How Bout Now) and About to Fight in DC Strip Club

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Drizzy, our Drizzy…. What will we do with our dear Drizzy Drake? It seems the Toronto rapper can’t catch a break. Be it the Hosuton stripper that is mad she has been phased out of his roster making outlandish claims of him sending “goons” to her house looking for her or fellow YMCMB MC Tyga pulling his “G” card and hitting him with the “He ain’t real YALL!”. Drake literally just can’t seem to catch a break. For goodness sakes he just wants to lie in a kings size bed getting good….. well you know the rest.

6 Reasons The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Was Beyond Epic

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Before I sat down to write this “The Walking Dead” Season Five Episode One review I re-watched the entire episode on my DVR. Now that I am actually writing, I am watching it for a third time. BTW, I cracked open the good old legal pad and pen for this recap because its just that crucial. Yes, it was just that f*cking EPIC people. So much so that the show broke a television viewing record with 17.3 million viewers between the ages of 18-49. WHAT?!? That is major with a capital MA! Enough with my Walking Dead propaganda. (maybe that wasn’t the best word to roll with, but imma roll with it, lol) Here are the 6 Reasons The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere was Beyond Epic.

Jagged Edge: breaking hearts all over again

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IMG_0972.JPGRemember the award-winning R&B group, Jagged Edge, from the late-’90s and early-’00s? Under the leadership of producer Jermaine Dupri, the group, which rolled out such hits as Let’s Get Married and Where the Party At, plans to release their 8th studio album on October 27. We were fortunate enough to attend the album-listening party Sunday in Atlanta, Georgia. Group members Brandon Casey, Brian Casey, Kyle Norman, and Richard Wingo hosted the party. For about an hour attendees were immersed in the sounds of their newest album, J.E. Heartbreak II.  The album overall maintained the same R&B feel as J.E. Heartbreak (2000), their second and biggest-selling album to date. Don’t let that fool you, though, because there are a couple of tracks in which the group went with a completely different sound. If you’re nostalgic for the R&B sounds of the early-’00s, be sure to pick up J.E. Heartbreak II on October 27. If you’re super anxious to make sure you receive the album, you can place your preorder here.

Codeblack Films of Lionsgate Signs Datari Turner

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Codeblack Films of Lionsgate Signs Datari Turner-erica-vain

Codeblack Films, a Lionsgate (LGF) company, announced today that it has entered into a first look agreement with acclaimed independent producer Datari Turner.  Under the terms of the agreement, Codeblack will have all distribution rights to Turner’s microbudget film productions throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Turner will produce all films through his Datari Turner Productions banner.

Serge Ibaka Teaches Keri Hilson Lingala

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With an Instagram Video Captioned: #Lingalalisation Serge and Keri show us their language of LOVE!

Lingala is a Bantu language spoken throughout the northwestern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a large part of the Republic of the Congo, some parts of Angola and the Central African Republic, according to Wikipedia.