Olivia Goes Killer Crazy – Scandal Season 5 Episode 17 ‘Thwack!’

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Ok Gladiators time to recap the best, worst and jaw dropping moments of ABC’s popular series Scandal, starring actress Kerry Washington.

The episode was mind blowing and just because that can be said about every episode doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Let’s jump right into it. Liv killed Andrew (Jon Tenney)! Yes Scandal fans that actually happened and it was not a subtle attack, let’s retrace the moments leading up to that point.

It is safe to say that Liv has not been the same since her kidnapping, but it looks like she is trading in her white hat and traveling down a road she might not be able to bring herself back from. Liv and Jake’s (Scott Foley) on again off again relationship is no surprise, but I guess she could do worse than a hot assassin who gets along great with her dad.

We are certainly getting a taste of the presidential debate that has Liv ironically running Mellie Grant’s (Bellamy Young) campaign, Abby (Darby Stanchfield) acting as the new Cyrus (Jeff Perry) helping Susan Ross (Artemis Pebdani) become the first woman president, Jake and Rowan Pope (Joe Morton) running Liv’s long lost boyfriend Edison Davis’ (Norm Lewis) campaign and Cyrus joining the democrats. Let’s not forget the infamous Hollis Doyle (Gregg Henry) is back and he is also running for president. It’s been a while since we have seen Hollis, but it’s clear his return is not to make amends.scandal-gladiator

The repercussions from last week made this latest episode more than Scandal fans could handle. We all remember when Liv and Alex Vargas (Danny Pino) traded dirt on their opponents to help get ahead in the election, sweet Susan Ross secret illegitimate child was brought to light. Edison’s secret time in rehab was exposed, but not long after Cyrus and Tom (Brian Letscher) put an end to those accusations. It’s nice to see Law and Order’s SVU Nick Amaro added to the Scandal cast, but if he keeps stepping on Cyrus’s toes who knows how long he will last.

Every Scandal fan shakes a little when Papa Pope gives one of his “You can’t take command” speeches. It also looks like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, in a heated debate with Mellie; Olivia tells her she will make her president “come hell or high water.” As fans will recall, that fatal phrase came from season 3 where Papa Pope reminded Olivia that he is both the hell and high water.

Wednesday night we see Liv not only become her father, but in the closing scene it looks like she’s moving in. First we discover that Andrew is alive and out of the coma Huck (Guillermo Diaz) put him in after finding out he was the one who planned Olivia’s kidnapping. Andrew becomes a threat to the team (Liv, Fitz, David, Cyrus, Abby, Mellie and Elizabeth (Portio de Rossi)) when he decides to expose the truth of what happened between America and its war with West Angola. They work together and decide to grant Andrew his steep request for $10 million dollars in an exchange for a signed confidentiality agreement.The-Blacklist

After it is clear that no amount of money will satisfy Andrew, Abby decides to take matters into her own hands. A play for power is made between Liv and Abby and it seems like she may be too smart for her own good. Fitz steps up and wants to take responsibility for the situation, but Abby has other plans. She makes a deal with Andrew to sell his and Mellie’s love affair to the public, he will go down as the hero and West Angola will never be brought up again.

Upon hearing this news, Olivia burst into Abby’s office ready to devise a plan, without knowing she is the one who set everything up. Abby has no remorse for her actions and informs Liv that she will no longer be allowed into the White House. Furious, Olivia storms out and ask Jake for yet another favor, to help her get into the White House. Olivia pays a visit to Andrew and things get out of hand. Visions of her kidnapping keep re appearing to her, clouding her judgment and making her unstable. Hearing Andrew call her a “cheap whore” and boast about her kidnapping pushed Liv over the edge. With tears running down her face, Liv picks up a chair and begins beating Andrew, ultimately killing him.

This scene left Scandal fans speechless! Almost everyone on the show has killed someone, but never would we have thought Olivia would be the one to break and so viciously. The episode ends with Fitz consoling Liv, an emotional moment that we haven’t seen between the two in a while. Before leaving, Olivia tells Abby to never cross her again and that’s the first Liv has had to put someone in their place. Later we see Cyrus and Tom in bed, shockingly together, Alex Vargas snooping into Cyrus’ personal life and Liv going home to her father. In two weeks we will see how life is unraveling around Liv after the murder, stay tuned Gladiators.



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