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If you love romantic comedies, then “November Rule” is the movie for you. It has the perfect amount of romance, not too sappy but not too dull, and laugh out loud moments. It’s a great film to watch solo, with a group of friends, or that special someone. “November Rule” is also set around the holidays, which everyone loves. Don’t miss the beautiful Tatyana Ali, tall and chocolate Mo McRae, and talented and seductive Jay Ellis in this film. If the aforementioned sounds right up your alley, stop now and check out the film for yourself; we don’t want to spoil all the good stuff for you.


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What do you do when you’re in a committed relationship, but you’re still struggling with the loss of a parent, and the holidays are just around the corner? You break up, at least until the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, are over.

Sound ridiculous? Not to Steve, played by Mo McRae in the film. Steve’s an up-and-coming entrepreneur who still has issues with the loss of his father, so he invented the “November rule” as a way to distance himself from women how getting to serious about their relationship. Every November 1st, he uses any excuse, logical or not, to break up with his girlfriend.

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