New Music: Justin Beiber + R Kelly ‘PYD’ + Kellz and Lady Gaga Get Freaky on SNL

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” Ummmmmmm.. Ok… Well Black Panties Better Be a MASTERPIECE” -EricaVain

 R. Kelly is certainly making his promo rounds for anticipated album “Black Panties”. Entering into collabos with every tom -dick – and Justin Beiber and then getting freaky with Lady Gaga during a musical performance on SNL. Ummmmm…. I don’t even know how to follow up to that last statement.  In a recent interview with NecoleBitchie.com he talked about his recent collaborations and how he approaches them.

Well, I’m really just about whoever wants to mess with me. I’m at my best when I’m wanted. That’s what turns me on and that’s what turns on the gift. You press the button and the light comes on and that’s it…

Trey [Songz] I’ve already done some stuff for. And I’ve done some stuff for Dream. Right now I just did a joint with Bruno Mars and that turned out really hot. The “Gorilla” remix. And Justin Bieber reached out to me, wanted to do an R&B joint. I did that and that’ll be out real soon. Hotness everywhere!

Keep Reading to hear his new track with the Beibz and watch his SNL performance with Gaga!

Peep the Audio Below:


Missed R Kelly and Lady Gaga on SNL? The Video is Below… Thank me (or hate me) later!

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