Miley Cyrus New Music Video: Superfreak

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Miley Cyrus New Music Video: Superfreak

Miley Cyrus is now notorious for the wild and very different music style she is now dabbling in. Now, here she comes adding another curveball to shock us all. She recently debuted a new video with the Flaming Lips. Not long ago, she posted photos onto her Instagram of their matching dog tattoos, which shows her close relationship with the band.

In the new video, “Superfreak”  Miley Cyrus awakens in her bed where there are empty pill bottles littered around her bed and her brain in her hand.

A fully nude woman is then sent to retrieve her brain. Throughout the whole sequence of the video it becomes a more mysterious and mystical video.

It could be even interpreted as sort of demonic. The images seen in the video can paint this scenario of a bad trip Miley experiences while she fights to get her brain back from these coven-like bad people. Cyrus is continuing to tip the bar further away from what we remember as the old Miley and showing us this whole new side of her.

Check the video out below and tell us what you think.

-Christina Guptar

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  1. Emily Kong

    July 22, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    is it bad that i’m not even surprised anymore?

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