Miley Cyrus Impersonator Gets Shoutout from Miley on Stage

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Miley Cyrus Impersonator Gets  Shout Out From Miley on Stage

We know that some fans go through great lengths to show their admiration for their favorite artist. They even go so far as to try to look like them completely. We all find ourselves sometimes following a fad that a certain star may have like a hairstyle, nail design or their way of dressing. They even try to impersonate the artist by trying to look completely like them.

This is just the case when Miley Cyrus was on performing on during the Bangerz Tour. While on stage performing, Miley was a bit startled as she looked in the crowd she spotted what seem to be her twin. Miley even had to speak up and exclaiming to Jessica, “You look better than I do! That is the coolest thing ever! I have a doll that looks just like you at home.” Her name is Jessica VillaFane and she actually is a hired impersonator of the worldwide celebrity. She claims to earn up to $2,000 an appearance in fact. That’s a lot of money to show up and look like Miley.

She says even when she was younger  she started impersonating her when she was Hannah Montana and now she dons the same blond, pixie hairstyle to keep up with Miley. She even memorizes her performances on stage so she can perform them for her appearances. She loves her job of performing for audiences and acting like Miley all while get paid for it. Jessica even views Cyrus as a role model for young girls,  saying that she shows confidence and thats what alot of young girls need in their life too!! Even Miley’s manager called her directly and asked her to be one of Miley’s look alikes.

Maybe Cyrus did have a long lost sibling, you could never tell them apart in the pictures or in real life.

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