Miley Cyrus Dies Over Weekend in Internet Hoax

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Miley dead_EricaVain

Miley Cyrus Dies Over Weekend in Internet Hoax

(SHOCKING) Miley Cyrus Found Dead in Her Los Angeles Home! Country singer Miley Cyrus found overdosed this afternoon in her Los Angeles home.”

This headline ran rampant on social media over the weekend, leading fans to believe the twerk princess passed away.

When she failed to post anything on social media for three days, people began believing the messages and posts. It’s not like Miley to refrain from tongue-out selfies for that long.

First of all, Miley isn’t a country singer. That’s her dad.

Second of all, the post was accompanied with a picture, which really hooked people. The shot of Cyrus on the floor with pills looked like a video, but was actually just spam.

Miley Death Hoax_EricaVain

When the “Wrecking Ball” singer heard about the rumor, she thought it was funny according to sources, which is why she played along by not posting anything for a while. By laying low she continues to show the world she could care less what people say about her, even the most threatening of hoaxes.

The “Bangerz” singer didn’t rely on her team to clarify the rumors when she broke the silence, though. Instead she did things her way.

As always.

She posted a topless pic of herself in the desert on Instagram, which is exactly the statement we would expect her to make.

This post was followed by quite a few crazy, neon selfies.

She can’t stop, and she won’t stop.

Congrats on your rebirth, Miley!

– Katelyn Holm

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