Is Love Truly Enough: Interracial Relationships?

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Maxmillion and Eve photoed at their wedding.

Maxmillion and Eve photoed at their wedding.

When the cereal brand Cheerios, chose to release a seemingly harmless commercial featuring a bi-racial child; it sparked controversy so large Cheerios pulled the commercial off the air.

What exactly did this mean for interracial couples choosing to bear the brunt from these polarized conservatives who were relentless in their views to end open displays of interracial love.

Recently, Eve, an African American rapper, and her Caucasian billionaire husband, Maxmillion Cooper, took their marital vows in Ibiza, Spain. To those who disapprove, their marriage symbolizes more than a testament to the couple not caring what the world thinks, and even more than an act of defiance; more importantly, their marriage stands for an emblem of their love. So congrats to the newly weds and may their love conquer all.

It certainly made me wonder if the social ramifications of open discrimination made interracial couples second think the integrity of their relationship. Is it worth possibly experiencing years of harsh glares, slick side comments, and talk behind the couple’s back? What about those born in a culture that would never forgive such an open act of defiance? Is it worth possibly being disowned, breaking up your family, or depriving your children from seeing their prejudiced grandparent?

I know your probably thinking, well the fault certainly doesn’t fall on the couple, or shame on those grandparents for raising their children to think so narrow minded. Even so, while there are some who encourage this love, it doesn’t completely fend off the racial backlash couples receive from others, which is why, I, on the hand, applaud these couples.

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  1. Katelyn Holm

    July 16, 2014 at 1:07 am

    Yay! Love this! I don’t know why our society still struggles with interracial couples, but has no problem with the LGBT community. Doesn’t make sense.

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