Lindsay Lohan Get’s her OWN show, literally!

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Lindsay Lohan Gets OWN Show_Erica-Vain1

After Lindsay Lohan’s last visit with Oprah Winfrey for an exclusive interview, Oprah shared that she was deeply concerned about Lindsay’s drug problem, and even offered to pay Lindsay 2 million dollars to air a show about her addiction. However, Lohan must keep her parents away from her show.

Oprah Winfrey made an executive decision to band Lindsay’s parents from the show, knowing that their presence will only cause more turmoil and extra baggage that poor Lindsay definitely doesn’t need.  But of course fans and the media want to see Michael and Dina Lohan exploit their daughter’s bad behavior. Michael Lohan might already have a small part in the show, since he has reportedly been aired in a few scenes of the show already, but there’s not much hope OWN will use that footage.

We are sadden by the lack of drama, but we are praying for Lindsay’s recovery. Oprah Winfrey is sticking to her word and hopefully so is Lindsay, considering that Oprah is paying her 2 million dollars to clean up her behavior.

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OWN has not been confirmed an air date. Stay Tuned!

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