Kim Kardashian Covers Vogue Spain and Shows a Different Side to Her

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Kim Kardashian bares it all in her new spread for Spanish Vogue and not in the way you would think. For the cover we see Mrs. West totally makeup free exposing how beautiful her skin is and how long her lashes are naturally. Posing in an earth toned sweater, she also shows off her 2 million dollar 15-carat rock while resting her hand on the lower half of her face.


The spread features a dressed down Kim — probably the most dressed down we’ve ever seen her —-  curled up on a couch on top of a pile of newspapers wearing a loose sweater and baggy jeans undone and slightly pulled down to expose her white undergarments.


According to NY Daily News and Vogue, the purpose of the shoot was to show a different side of Kim since she is known for her glamorous lifestyle and provocative the magazine decided to show the celeb in as natural state as possible. Or could it just be that Kim wanted to show off her new pregnancy glow?


Kim of course had no problem sharing the cover on her social media to her 39.4 million followers on Instagram and 33.5 million Twitter followers captioning:


“Vogue Spain Cover! We did this whole shoot without make up! Can’t wait for you to see it!”


She then used the hashtag #KimNoFilter.


I do love the glamorous Kim, but we see it all the time. Seeing this side of her was refreshing and hopefully she displays it more often in the future.


Which do you prefer? Glam Kim or Cable Knit Kim?


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