Kevin Smith Blames Jennifer for Fallout with Ben Affleck!

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Kevin Smith Blames Jennifer for Fallout with Ben Affleck!

Funny man, and comedian Ben Smith is speaking up when comes to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. He claims that Jennifer Garner caused his failed friendship with Ben Affleck with his crude humor. Smith and Affleck have a list of movies  they have costarred in together, like Mailrats, Chasing Amy and Jersey Girl. They kept in touch and have known each other for years. In recent years, the two are no longer close and Smith has said its all because of his wife who does not particularly like him or his comedy. Even Smith says he was threatened one time by Garner. It is also said that in their relationship they are not allowed to have “friends” or that is how it seems, as other stars like Mike Ruffalo, who was the costar of Garner’s in 13 Going on 30, also said they stopped being friends after Affleck came into the picture. Maybe the two should do some reevaluation on their relationship.

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