Keke Palmer Gets Kandid with Bombshell Magazine

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keke_palmer_covers_bleu_bombshell2Keke Palmer Gets Kandid with Bombshell Magazine

On keeping it real in a industry that has high and frequent (sometimes absurd) expectations:

“I feel like the transition is still happening, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult at certain times because when people see you as a certain thing it’s kind of hard for them to get that out of their head and let you go over-board.” image002

On how she stays true to herself even with her superstar success at a young age.

“I’ve always wanted to remain who I was, and show my growth in my roles.”  Keke begins as she appears eager to speak about her growth. “I’ve kind of grown up in those roles, and people have finally been able to see the growth in me as an actress.”

If you pay close attention to Keke via social media you will notice that she doesn’t do the typical Hollywood starlet dance. She will post 5 selfies in a row, videos of her and her friends “riding around and getting it”, tweet her ideas on love and maturity giving her fans and coutnerparts a real peek into what its like to be Keke. “Because of the things I’ve gone through in life, I feel like I see things in a different way, and I’ve been blessed because of that” she says.

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