Kanye West dissed by Lord Jamar for wearing a skirt

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Kanye West trying to bring a new trend, with tight clothing, waxed denim, and now a skirt. Givenchy Kilts is a skirt he wore during his ‘Watch the Throne Tour’ many were not a big fan about this style.

Lord Jamar, sent out a new diss track “Lift Up Your Skirt” that harshly disses Kanye West. Jamar disrespects West for his fashion choices.

“With a blazer and dress, I’m just amazed at the mess/Pioneer of this queer sh*t is Kanye West,” he seethes. “Yeezy introduced the skinny jeans to the rap scene/Then wore a f**kin’ skirt on the video screen.”

Lord Jamar, is a New York rapper, member of the hip-hop group, Brand Nubian and is also the actor in TV prison series “Oz.” Jamar also made an appearance in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Third Watch, and The Sopranos.




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