Justin Bieber: The New Calvin Klein Model?

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Justin Bieber: The New Calvin Klein Model?

Bieber has been posting quite a few shirtless pictures on Instagram recently. And while this is old news, one thing has really stood out: He’s wearing Calvin Klein briefs in all the shots.

This sparked speculation that the Biebs had booked a job with the famous clothing brand, much like his friend Kendall Jenner.

E! News reached out to the brand but received no comment in return. When Justin’s company was asked about the gig, they too were silent. But that’s not unusual for his people.

Still, it could just be the “Confident” singer just loves a little Calvin like the rest of us.

But a source came forward saying Justin did a shoot recently, and will soon be seen in advertisements.Biebs_EricaVain

Justin has had a bumpy road lately, from DUI’s to party-crashing, to drama with Selena Gomez.

The world is basically tired of seeing the musician in the news for his bad boy behavior, but this potential contract could be a step in the right direction.

Kate Moss made $1.2 million on her first CK ad, so there’s no telling how much the “Baby” singer is set to make on this deal.

The brand released their official statement about the 2014 campaign, and Justin’s name was no where to be seen. But they could just be waiting to announce it?

Justin and Kendall were also recently linked, and considering she has done modeling for the brand, that could be more evidence in favor of JB for CK.

Whether or not he’s received a real deal, he looks pretty great in the fancy undies.

VAIN readers, do you think Justin would make a good representative for the company, or would his abs be better displayed on Instagram rather than a national spread?

– Katelyn Holm

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