Justin Bieber forever banned from Indoor Skydiving in Vegas

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jb_banned_fromskydiving-erica-vainAs if Justin Bieber couldn’t get into any more trouble with the law, this one event is is not much of a surprise due to previous events. Bieber recently got banned from Indoor Skydiving in Las Vegas for using the facility and then not going through the payment deal that he had arranged with the company.

The singer apparently arrived with six other guests minutes before closing–he was given the option of paying $1,600 for the experience, or positing a shout-out of the facility and a photo of him mid-flight to his Instagram for advertisement purposes. Bieber agreed to post the photo as a payment but reckless and wild-boy Bieber actually faked liked he was posting the photo on his Instagram, completely breaking the arrangement.

Upon not paying, the group did not even bother to tip the staff either. A source claimed that they were “a disrespectful bunch,” and added that Bieber wasn’t very friendly and seemed “very disconnected from reality.”

There has been no commentary from Bieber’s representatives at this time. What kind of trouble will Bieber get into next?

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