Justin Bieber Off to Anger Management

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Justin Bieber Off to Anger Management

He may have escaped jail time after his January speed racing incident, but isn’t leaving scott free. Justin Bieber has been sentenced to anger management sessions, a $50,000 donation to a charity of his choice, and a fine to be paid to the courts.

This isn’t the first punishment Justin has gotten. He’s been paying fine after fine, for incidents such as the egg-throwing assault in July.

Illegal speed racing equals a punishment of forking over money and finding his zen center, think it will work? His wallet may be growing slimmer with all his acts that end him up in court, but will anger management sessions work?

Justin did recently get into a fight with Orlando Bloom, so perhaps the anger management classes are aptly warranted.

This may be the first of many court-assigned sessions, or maybe Justin will clean up his act. Let’s just hope the next incident won’t involved egg throwing.

– Emily

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