Journey to Hollywood Blockbuster Success with Will Packer

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Journey to Hollywood Blockbuster Success with Will Packer

Producer Will Packer has established himself as one of Hollywood’s blockbuster hit makers with five films opening number one at the box office. Packer signed first-look production deals with both Universal Pictures and Television in 2013. Under both deals he will develop new projects for the studios under his Will Packer Productions banner. He is one of the only non-writing Black producers with an overall deal at a major studio.

Recently, Packer sat down with actor Boris Kodjoe on BET and spoke about the ultimately satisfying journey to making some of the most successful Black movies of all time.

Speaking to a packed house, Packer handed out a plethora of invaluable tips, many via anecdotes of learned experiences and failures, about how to get their products into the theaters.

 “If you can produce a really, really unique project and you can put it out there online — it don’t even have to cost you much or any money; you can even shoot it on an iPhone — but if it’s well done, well conceived, you now have a leg up on the person trying to do the same thing who just says ‘I have a great idea’ but he doesn’t have 1 or 2 million YouTube hits,” Packer said.

“Anything that you can do to separate yourself from your peers, separate yourself from everyone and everything that is out there gives you a leg up. There are people out there that I watch — and they don’t know that I’m watching — and I will watch their YouTube web series to see if anyone is responding. Because I want to see who that next emerging voice might be out there. And I can take them to the ‘good ol’ boy network’ (in Hollywood) and say, ‘here’s a cat you’ve got to take a look at. He’s got a brand, he’s got a YouTube video, he’s doing his thing, he’s got a ton of followers, etc.’ And now it makes that much easier to sell to them.”

Packer is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who delivers educational and motivational speeches to film industry groups, as well as youth and community organizations nationwide.


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